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A Man, a Plan, a Canard: Panacea

Our departing Housing Complex reporter shares his not-so-modest proposals for a better D.C.

Metro Offers Up Two Brookland Parcels for Development

Nine months after picking a team to buy and develop a swath of land it owns near the Brookland Metro station, Metro is seeking to cash in on more of its land holdings in the neighborhood.

“Arcing Insulators” Strike Again

A once-arcane term is now a regular part of the Metro lexicon.

Metro to Dulles? Not Before 2019.

"Design modifications" mean another 13 months of delays.

Map: Metro’s Cash Cows

Hint: They're not on the Green Line.

More Space, Enhanced Safety, and That New-Car Smell: Here Come Metro’s 7000-Series Trains

The 7000-series cars premiere tomorrow.

January’s Metro Smoke Incident Was Far From a One-Time Event

In fact, it happened again today.

At Long Last, New Metro Railcars Set to Debut

Get ready for wider aisles and enhanced digital displays.

Metro Claims X2 Overcrowding’s Been ‘Virtually’ Eliminated

But anecdotal evidence suggests otherwise.

Residential, Retail Will Replace Surface Parking Lot at Fort Totten

The site failed to attract developer interest a year ago.