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Well damn. I thought of all sorts of ways to write my last post on this blog—well, aside from a story to be published next week—but I’m not sure I can improve much upon this list of observations from way back in 2010 (hey, it was a steep learning curve). I’m incredibly sad to leave: [...]

The Plex in Transition

So, friends, the news is out: I'm leaving City Paper for the new New Republic, along with our editor of two years, Michael Schaffer. Until two weeks ago, I'd actually been planning on moving to India to freelance—not because of this job, which I've absolutely loved. Rather, because no young person should stay in one [...]

Slow Blogging Yesterday, Today

The blog's been sluggish lately, both because I got rolled by some bug going around, and because I'm putting together a cover story. Back to full steam soon...

PSA: New Improved Newsletters!

Dear readers: For a long time, there's been Loose Lips Daily, and a hodgepodge of other interest-based e-mail blasts. Now, you can get most of that stuff—including my own Morning Links—in just two batches. My boss explains:
Some home news for anyone who subscribes to Washington City Paper's email newsletters: They're changing—for the better, we hope.
As of [...]

Take Me To Your Cafeteria

Office workers of Washington! I need your help. I'm researching the changing role of the institutional cafeteria in this white collar city, and I want to know the best, the worst, the weirdest eateries that companies and government agencies maintain for their employees. Intelligence would be hugely appreciated, and access even more—if you can sign [...]

Out For a Bit

Having stuck it out through the heat of August, I'm heading home for a week. Likely still answering emails and posting once in a while though, so keep me in the loop.

On Bikes Being Bikes

Have you read Alex Baca's cover story on bike politics yet? No? Go do that first.
Then, if you like, read responses from Washcycle, Extraordinary Observations, and Mike DeBonis, whose thoughts about biking evangelism vs. biking as just the most useful way of getting around are on point.
Now, just because everyone else is doing it, forgive [...]

What I Talk About When I Talk About NIMBYism

In reporting the news of neighborly dissatisfaction with a women's shelter coming to Anacostia, as with the now-dead effort to bring at-risk young people to the J.F. Cook School in Truxton Circle, I've offended some people by calling them NIMBYs. So I think it's worth defining what I mean by the term, which I use [...]

Go See Clybourne Park

I haven't seen the now Pulitzer-prize-winning play about gentrification yet, but will be seeing it on July 31st, and then talking about it afterwards on a panel with DCentric's Elahe Izadi, ABC7's Philip Stewart, and the excellent Shani Hilton, who wrote this. Even if you're going with this crowd, you can still come to the [...]

Away Again

My, it's been a light blogging week—and now I'm off for a couple days to Los Angeles, where I've never been before. Planning to return with an even greater appreciation for gloriously walkable Washington. Back full steam on Tuesday.
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