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A Virtual Tour of the Monroe Street Market, a Work in Progress

To someone who moved away from Edgewood more than four years ago—someone like, say, me—the neighborhood has become nearly unrecognizable. Where a fenced-in field once lay vacant, the Brookland Works complex now stands, two bustling apartment buildings straddling a studio-lined Arts Walk. Along Monroe Street NE, the triangular Portland Flats building nears completion, while workers [...]

11th’s Hour: New Developments on 11th Street in Columbia Heights

11th and Park then:

11th and Park now:

3400 11th Street–no longer home to the dumpy old Bi-Rite building
This piece is a compilation of information from a series of blog posts I wrote earlier this week—It will appear in this week's newspaper.* 
Since “Tivoli North” is being considered as a new name for Columbia Heights, why not “DC [...]

Yoga/Martial Arts Studio Possibly Coming to 11th Street

3400 11th Street–no longer home to the dumpy old Bi-Rite building
Okay, wrapping up the last bit of reporting on 11th Street in Columbia Heights, and all the latest developments there. (A mini-article about the corridor is coming out in this week's newspaper.)
Anyway, last week, I reached John Andrade, who will be opening up a new [...]

Columbia Heights News: Meridian Pint Coming Late 2009

Yesterday, I posted about construction at the old Bi-Rite building, up the road from Wonderland Ballroom on 11th Street in Columbia Heights. Today, I reached John Andrade, owner of the future lounge/restaurant Meridian Pint, which will move into the building "any fall now," as he put it.
Without further adieu, more details about the space: Starting [...]