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Meet the New Boss: DSLBD’s Harold Pettigrew

Want to start a business? Harold Pettigrew's your man. Now 32, he was promoted from chief of staff to director of the Department of Small and Local Business Development last year, making him one of the younger agency heads in D.C. government (but quite accomplished nonetheless). As part of Housing Complex's series of sit-downs with new bosses, we [...]

Department of Health Picks Six Pot Cultivation Centers

The Department of Health finally stuck to a deadline on its medical marijuana program, approving six cultivation centers that can move ahead with building permits and certificates of occupancy.
The list, obtained by the Post last night, is as follows:

Montel Williams' Abatin Wellness Center, 2146 Queens Chapel Road in Langdon
Montana Apothecary dba Alternative Solutions, 2170 24th Place [...]

Blame the Feds, Not a Functionary, For Pot in Ward 5

That precious C-M-1 zoning.

The Ward 5 Heartbeat has a story in its most recent edition exposing how Zoning Administrator Matt Legrant "steered" would-be marijuana cultivation centers to their neck of the woods, alleging that even though the regulations did not themselves require the facilities to locate in manufacturing zones—which are found almost exclusively in [...]

Alexander Torpedoes Business In Her Ward, Sets Terrible Legislative Precedent

Swear to god, it's not going to hurt your retail.

Usually, city councilmembers try to attract new businesses to their wards, especially when they're hurting for jobs and industry. That pattern breaks down, however, when it comes to medical marijuana—for no logical or empirical reason. It was one thing when Councilmember Vincent Orange, in his [...]

You Put Your Weed In There

It’s been 13 years since D.C. voted to approve the use of medical marijuana, passing the initiative with a 69 percent majority. Congress sat on the ballot measure for a decade, and the District took another couple years to create regulations that would govern how all worked. By then, it was entirely possible District residents [...]

Did the City Screw Pot Cultivation Centers Through Zoning?

Sitting in on the Woodridge Civic Association's forum on the large number of medical marijuana cultivation centers angling to locate in their neck of the woods, it became abundantly clear that those who show up for these types of functions—who also tend to drive policy in D.C.—are not fans of the idea. Besides objections to [...]

Why Isn’t Ward 5 Thrilled About Being the Pot District?

UPDATE, Thursday, 1:00 p.m. – Shani responds over at City Desk that people in Ward 5 neighborhoods resist the introduction of things like pot and bars because of the memory of how drugs and alcohol wrecked their communities in decades past. (TheMail picked up on the exchange today, and sniped at me for it). I [...]

Takoma ANC Wants Veto Power Over Pot Dispensaries

Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn's plan to open the first medical marijuana dispensary in D.C. might have overcome some of its many impending obstacles last night. Then again, it might also have to face some new ones.
ANC 4B—representing the area where Kahn wants to locate his mom 'n pop pot shop, the Takoma Wellness Center—voted at a [...]