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Dear WaPo: Biking is Not That Hard

Today's Washington Post reports on how WMATA is making it easier for commuters to combine bike trips and subway rides, cutting down on the need for traditional vehicle parking. Sensible goal! But reporter Ann Scott Tyson wants you to know that it's really hard to ride your bike to the nearest Metro stop. She leads [...]

Is This Local Journalism’s Future?

So, I wasn't going to puncture the warm bubble of approval that surrounded the release of A City Divided, a project by American University journalism school students that looks at gentrification across the city. Why snipe at such a well-intentioned effort? Good for them for taking on such a big subject.
But then, my colleague Alex [...]

Is Metro Safer? Reporters Disagree.

Today's one-year anniversary of the devastating Red Line metro crash has had the local scribes doing assessments, as they are wont to do, of Whether Anything Has Changed. The Examiner's story, from yesterday, runs through the safety initiatives that are still in progress, and ends on a glass-half-full note:
But the kinds of real changes that [...]