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Next Generation Occupy

Pack it up.

When the day dawned gray and wet Sunday morning, fewer than one third of the 170 tents that populated McPherson Square at the height of Occupy D.C.'s encampment there remained. Those that did had been emptied of their contents, doors flapping in the wind, as if a wildfire had ripped through. Tyvek-clad [...]

Police Raid Occupy D.C.

The U.S. Park Police is moving into Occupy D.C.'s protest in McPherson Square (and the "Tent of Dreams" has come down). Cops are removing all camping gear, to enforce the park's anti-camping regulations, and some protesters are moving to a nearby Lutheran church. But the protest is not being evicted, and tents will remain.
Lydia DePillis [...]

D.C.’s Parks, Finally Occupied

There’s a very traditional way of protesting in Washington: People come with their signs, parade up and down the Mall or Pennsylvania Avenue NW, and then move on, like a cloud of locusts passing over a field. The only way of measuring impact is through crowd counts. Usually, lawmakers aren’t even around to see those [...]