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What’s Next for McMillan?

I'm playing a bit of catch-up here, but the plans to redevelop the former McMillan Sand Filtration Site cleared a major hurdle on Thursday when the Historic Preservation Review Board voted unanimously to advance the project. The development team, Vision McMillan Partners, hopes to build a mixed-use complex on the long-vacant 25-acre site, with housing, [...]

Changes to McMillan Design Fail to Win Over Loudest Skeptics

Earlier this week, UrbanTurf published a couple of renderings of the new design for a big park at the McMillan sand filtration site along North Capitol Street. The latest scheme from Vision McMillan Partners address some neighborhood concerns, replaces a 3.4-acre park at the center of the site with a 6.2-acre park at the southern [...]

Sorry, Bloomingdale. You’re Not Out of the Water Yet.

Residents of Bloomingdale: Don't start celebrating just yet. You may have emerged from Hurricane Sandy unscathed, but that doesn't mean your flooding problems are solved.
The storm's minimal impact on Bloomingdale was, according to DC Water's Alan Heymann, "a question of mathematics," not a reflection of a fix to the neighborhood's chronic flooding issue.
"We got a [...]

McMillan Plan Heads to Historic Preservation Review With Most Neighborhood Groups Opposed

If it were not clear before, let the current state of discussion around planning for the McMillan Sand Filtration Plant leave no doubt that this site is the biggest development headache in the entire city (which, considering the competition, is saying something).
At the moment, there is a master plan for the 25-acre site, which the [...]

What the District’s Building in the Next Six Years

Peanuts for the Central Library.

I'm still digesting the $6 billion, no-new-taxes budget that Mayor Vince Gray dropped on Friday. The first headline grabbers were attempts to raise revenue: Extended hours for alcohol sales, new automatic speeding cameras, a centralized system to make sure you've paid your taxes and fines, and more performance parking. Then [...]

Preservation Group Glorifies McMillan Resistance

The Cultural Landscape Foundation, which is dedicated to the preservation of beautiful and historically significant landscapes, has come out with its yearly crop of at-risk places and the people fighting to protect them. On the list: McMillan Sand Filtration Site, where activist Tony Norman has been fighting development for decades. Says the entry:
The site, which [...]

McMillan Plan Almost Ready to Go

Plans for the McMillan Sand Filtration Plant in Bloomingdale/Stronghold have taken another baby step forward, with the distribution of a draft planned unit development application. Something very like it is supposed to hit the Zoning Commission this fall. For now, it helps to get a sense of what the developers have in mind for the [...]

The Great Reset: McMillan has Bedeviled Developers for Decades. Can the Latest Try be the Last?

There have been so many plans for development of the McMillan Sand Filtration Site that if you put them together in a slideshow, it might make for a dramatic film—except with no clear heroes or villains, and no happy ending. Yet, at least.
The most recent main characters are trying to provide one. In their first [...]

At McMillan, Developers Need a Little Help From the Neighbors

With a budget gap yawning into the next few years, Mayor-elect Vince Gray has put developers on notice that not all of their big projects—Hill East, Walter Reed, the Southwest Waterfront, to name a few—will get the public funding they were expecting.
That puts them all in competition with each other to move to the front [...]

McMillan Plans Start Taking Shape

Three weeks ago, the design and development teams tasked with the redevelopment of the McMillan Sand Filtration Site started over on the long, painstaking process of doing something with the area that neighbors could accept. After another couple of salons with interested residents, the planners came back to St. Martin's Church on Saturday morning with [...]