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What’s Next for McMillan?

I'm playing a bit of catch-up here, but the plans to redevelop the former McMillan Sand Filtration Site cleared a major hurdle on Thursday when the Historic Preservation Review Board voted unanimously to advance the project. The development team, Vision McMillan Partners, hopes to build a mixed-use complex on the long-vacant 25-acre site, with housing, [...]

Changes to McMillan Design Fail to Win Over Loudest Skeptics

Earlier this week, UrbanTurf published a couple of renderings of the new design for a big park at the McMillan sand filtration site along North Capitol Street. The latest scheme from Vision McMillan Partners address some neighborhood concerns, replaces a 3.4-acre park at the center of the site with a 6.2-acre park at the southern [...]

Bloomingdale Group Prepares Vote of No Confidence in ANC Over McMillan

If you needed more evidence that passions run high when it comes to development of the McMillan Sand Filtration Site, the Bloomingdale Civic Association's got you covered.
The organization, upset by ANC 5C's decision to support the plan over objections from some community members, has prepared a vote of no confidence in the neighborhood commission—and it [...]

McMillan Development: Underwater Again?

Last week, I reported on the steady progress of plans to redevelop the McMillan Sand Filtration Site on North Capitol Street. After 25 years of battles, the latest plan has the support of key councilmembers and segments of the local public.
But it may have just hit a snag, in the form of water engineering.
Residents of [...]

Extra Park Space for McMillan? Not in My Reservoir

In response to my post yesterday on the controversy over the development of the McMillan Sand Filtration Site, a number of readers commented that the community desire for additional park space could be satisfied by incorporating a portion of the McMillan reservoir area across First Street NW. The reservoir and its surrounding green space are [...]

D.C.’s Biggest Development Project: Gone Today, Here Tomorrow?

Twenty-five years ago, the D.C. government paid $9.3 million for a 25-acre site along North Capitol Street that it hoped to develop into a mixed-use community. And for a quarter century, the McMillan Sand Filtration Site has sat fenced off and vacant, a waste of valuable space that leaves most passersby wondering about the vaguely [...]

Preservation Group Glorifies McMillan Resistance

The Cultural Landscape Foundation, which is dedicated to the preservation of beautiful and historically significant landscapes, has come out with its yearly crop of at-risk places and the people fighting to protect them. On the list: McMillan Sand Filtration Site, where activist Tony Norman has been fighting development for decades. Says the entry:
The site, which [...]

McMillan Plan Almost Ready to Go

Plans for the McMillan Sand Filtration Plant in Bloomingdale/Stronghold have taken another baby step forward, with the distribution of a draft planned unit development application. Something very like it is supposed to hit the Zoning Commission this fall. For now, it helps to get a sense of what the developers have in mind for the [...]

Persistent Grumbling at McMillan Produces Pretty Video

In the last few days, a wordless little ditty on the historic elements of the McMillan Sand Filtration Plant site hit the internet. Made by Bloomingdale resident Snorre Wik, it's part of an attempt by local leaders to press for as much historic preservation and park space on the McMillan site on North Capitol Street [...]

Where to Put the Jobs?

Matt Yglesias responds to David Alpert's analysis of the Gray transition's weirdly non-transit-oriented economic development report by saying that we can't start thinking about how to move people in and out of the city until there's more space for them to work:
Downtown DC is full. There’s basically no land left to build on, and [...]