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Case Against Heritage Foundation’s Third Story Dismissed On Technical Grounds

For over a year now, interested parties have been waiting for the D.C. Court of Appeals to rule on whether or not the Mayor's Agent for historic preservation had erred in allowing the Heritage Foundation to add a third story to its historic building on Pennsylvania Avenue SE. The case had all sorts of implications [...]

As Expected, Mayor’s Agent OKs Cleveland Park Firehouse Renovations

Back in January, the Historic Preservation Review Board ruled that the doors of the Cleveland Park Firehouse—which has been closed since fall of 2010, awaiting renovations—were too historic to be changed for the 21st century's wider fire trucks. Much gnashing of teeth about putting historicity over neighborhood safety ensued.
As I noted, though, the board was [...]

A Few Other Tregoning Bits

I've got a cover story this week on D.C. planning director Harriet Tregoning, and naturally, a couple things wouldn't fit.

More on how she's regarded by the people who build things in this city: I checked in with Merrick Malone, the  immediate past president of the D.C. Building Industry Association, who was former Mayor Sharon Pratt [...]

Historic Preservation Cases Get New Decider

In particularly contentious historic preservation cases—mostly when property owners wants to raze their historic buildings and the Historic Preservation Review Board says they can't—the mayor is formally the person who's supposed to decide. Recent cases of note that have gone to that next level of appeal (and sometimes even higher, to the District's Court of [...]