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The Future of the Region’s Housing Market, in Charts

This graph pretty well sums up the fundamental challenge in the D.C.-area housing market:

That comes from Lisa Sturtevant, deputy director of the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University, at a presentation she made this afternoon at the D.C. Housing Finance Agency. "No matter what you're looking at," she said, "the cost of housing [...]

Maryland is America’s Richest State Apparently

If you judge by median household incomes, that is.
Maryland takes first place, with New Jersey following right behind ($70,545 v. $70,378), according to new census data released yesterday. Elsewhere in the region, Virginia grabs spot number eight with $61,233, and the District of Columbia has the twelfth highest income with $57,936—both of which still sit [...]

Who Says Every Condo Building Needs Ample Parking?

Automobiles: Much more of a Virginia thing.
So much for that windows-down, open-road, wind-blowing-in-your-hair kind of feeling.
People in D.C. are increasingly less interested in owning cars. The Washington Business Journal is reporting "a sharp 5.8 percent decline in registered cars in D.C. since 2005...even as population and household income have gone up." Perhaps, residents are [...]

Long Rant About Northern Virginia…Plus, a Little Something About Clarendon

I hail from Maryland. I like Maryland. I get Maryland. Maryland makes sense to me. 
I don't get Virginia. Virginia is crazy. The broad boulevards make me mad. I'm looking for something, and I miss it. I have to turn around. I lose 15 minutes. I'm trying to find a restaurant, but there's construction blocking the [...]