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Cheh Considers Bill That Would Give ANCs More Input on Residential Buildings

Advisory neighborhood commissioners rejoice, developers beware: Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh is considering introducing legislation to give ANCs a chance to weigh in on matter-of-right residential buildings.
Currently, ANCs provide input on building projects that require a change to or exemption from the zoning code, as well as certain large commercial and mixed-use projects that trigger [...]

Power Moves: The District Looks at Burying Its Power Lines

After the region got derechoed this summer and nearly half a million Pepco customers found themselves without power, District leaders went into CYA mode.
Mayor Vince Gray called for a “game-changer” and assembled a 15-member task force to figure out how to move the city’s power lines underground. Councilmembers Mary Cheh and Jack Evans introduced separate proposals [...]

Did Pepco Cash Kill Consumer Advocate’s Nomination?

Last week, a D.C. Council committee led by Yvette Alexander voted, after hours of debate, to kill the mayor's nomination of Betty Noel to the Public Service Commission, which regulates the District's utilities. Noel, who for 18 years had litigated on the behalf of consumers as the People's Counsel, had been targeted by Pepco and [...]

D.C. Council Might Make It Easier to Party

The District, from what I've seen, isn't a big block party town—rarely are streets shut down for the purpose of eating, dancing, playing, whatever, in the summer, with your neighbors, with kids running around out of danger from rushing cars. Sure, people have cookouts, but they tend to be invite-only, and someone's personal front yard [...]

YIMBYs Reemerge in Ward 3

You know the real estate economy is back when groups that used to organize around new developments and subsequently went quiet—given that there were no viable projects to argue about anymore—start to come out of hibernation. Case in point: Ward3Vision, the "Yes-In-My-Back-Yard" smart growth advocacy group that formed back in 2005 to counter the strident [...]

Council Takes Aim at the Most Hated Company in America

All that rage over Pepco's difficulty keeping the lights on? Turns out there's a way to quantify it. Via Business Insider, the American Customer Satisfaction Index uses at least at least a reasonably scientific method to rank the popularity of all manner of different companies. Washington's electric power utility, with an index that plunged 23 [...]

Not Another Klingle!!!!!

When Broad Branch Road closed on account of a second giant sinkhole that appeared over a culvert on April 14th, it wasn't just another inconvenience. It was the potential for another decades-long battle to regain passage across Rock Creek Park.
“The last time I was told repairing a road in Rock Creek Park was complex was [...]

Pop Lobby Preemptively Organizing Against 2nd Tax Hike

You thought the little tax increases on consumer goods in D.C. were over? Well, you're probably right. But after getting burned this spring with the institution of a 6 percent sales tax on sugar-sweetened drinks, the American Beverage Association has started campaigning afresh, this time against a new tax they think could go as high [...]

Solar Rebates Slashed Again, Jeopardizing Fragile Progress

Trying to pin down funding for solar energy in the District is like wrestling a slippery fish: You think you have it, and then it jumps out of your hands again, forcing another round of pursuit.
Along with incentives from the federal government, a $3-per-kilowatt subsidy has brought rooftop solar energy systems within the reach of [...]

Non-D.C. Homeless to be Turned Away From Shelters Come March

In a climactic vote just now in the Wilson Building, the City Council passed Councilmember Tommy Wells' proposal to require that homeless shelters turn away people who can't demonstrate District residency during the coldest part of the year. By my count of the 30-day Congressional review period, the bill will go into effect on March [...]