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Cheh Aims to Preempt Bus Lot With Community Center

In one of the most successful recent triumphs of civic activism over city plans, Ivy City residents persuaded a judge in December 2012 to prevent the District from turning a former school parking lot in the neighborhood into a major bus parking depot—temporarily. The judge issued a preliminary injunction against the use of the lot [...]

A Streetcar Named Misfire

It began, as so many budget fights do, with a line of jargon. “The Council’s plan,” explained the D.C. Council’s Committee of the Whole in its report last week on Council Chairman Phil Mendelson’s budget proposal, “adjusts the upcoming proposed streetcar paygo transfer from a fixed to a floating base year.”
That adjustment, inscrutable to all [...]

The Mold War

In 2012, shortly after returning to D.C. from medical anthropology fieldwork in Peru for her graduate program, Clare Kelley was diagnosed with kidney stones. She had what was supposed to be routine surgery, but instead of bouncing back as expected, she needed an additional four operations that year.
Things kept getting worse from there. That October, [...]

Playground Dispute Raises Questions About D.C. General’s Future

Nearly everyone agrees that the D.C. General shelter is in rough shape. Nearly everyone agrees that it should be shut down before long. And yet those seemingly aligned sentiments are proving increasingly irreconcilable.
Last week, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, who chairs the D.C. Council's human services committee, called for shutting down the shelter at the former [...]

City Officials Propose D.C. United Revenue Deal That Already Existed

The Washington Post reported last week that city officials were proposing a major compromise on plans to build a D.C. United soccer stadium at Buzzard Point, whereby the team would receive tax breaks in exchange for sharing stadium revenue with the city. "A planned new D.C. United stadium could receive extensive breaks on sales and property [...]

Meet the Man Behind D.C.’s Predatory Tax Lien Practices

His name is Mark Alan Schwartz. He's a 52-year-old Chicago lawyer. He owns a $1.7 million estate near Vail, Colo. And he's played a key role in kicking impoverished Washingtonians out of their homes over tiny unpaid debts.
The Washington Post has done yeoman's reporting on the manipulation of the District's tax lien sales, by which investors [...]

License to Kale

If a neighborhood’s wealth can be measured by its grocery options, the residents of H Street NE and the Capitol Riverfront have gone from broke to baroque almost overnight.
For years, people living near the western portion of H Street NE who didn’t want to take a car or bus to do their shopping had to [...]

New Law Treats Cyclists More Like Pedestrians

Good news, D.C. cyclists: Much of the illegal behavior you've been engaging in is about to become legal.
Ever find yourself impatient after a long red light and crossing the intersection when the pedestrian light flashes to go, but before the main one does? Technically, you can't do that—but soon you'll be able to.
Like those [...]

Chevy Chase’s Fiercest Development Battle Is Only Heating Up

Well this ought to be fun. I'll be moderating a panel on D.C. development tonight (come!), which means I'll be missing out on what promises to be a deliciously contentious Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting. But I'd encourage anyone in the Chevy Chase neighborhood to stop by.
Here's the back story: Chevy Chase neighbors are very unhappy [...]

An Internet Sales Tax to End Homelessness?

The end of homelessness is within reach, if only we had the right funding. That's the line you hear time and again from politicians and activists. Well, two members of the D.C. Council think they may have found the money, in the form of an Internet sales tax.
Today, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham and Ward [...]