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With Prices Tripling, Homeownership Tanks Among Low-Income Washingtonians

Marion Barry talked about boosting homeownership among the city's poor. The opposite has happened.

Use It or Lose It: A Legislative Tool to Save Affordable Housing Hasn’t Been Funded

More than six years after the District Opportunity to Purchase Act became law, it's never been used.

The Benefit of Hindsight

Recent lawsuits and the erosion of tenant protections might have been avoided if the District had adopted two proposals in the early 1980s.

In Petworth, a Mural Commemorates Marion Barry

Barry's face now adorns the corner of 14th and Randolph streets NW.

Marion Barry Leaves His Mark on a Changing City

At times, it felt like the city's growth might leave Barry behind. But he remained Ward 8's fiercest advocate to the end.

Which D.C. Neighborhoods Were Gentrifying in 1979?

Over at Greater Greater Washington, D.C. historian John Muller made a great find: a June 1979 map of the city from the Department of Housing and Community Development. The map, titled "Housing Problems, Conditions & Trends in the District of Columbia," labels the D.C. neighborhoods that were on the rise and fall 35 years ago.
It was a hopeful [...]

Once a Foe of New Ward 8 Apartments, Barry Seeks Special Approval of Anacostia Project

Over the past few days, I've received nearly two dozen emails bearing a subject line that's some variant of "NO to Councilman Barry's 'EMERGENCY' Legislation!!!" What's the fuss all about? It concerns legislation by Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry that the D.C. Council will consider today. The bill—actually a set of three related bills—would allow the [...]

For Longtime Residents, Sometimes Gentrification Isn’t All Bad

There's nothing more divisive in the District than the G-word. Gentrification conjures up images of omnipresent dog boutiques and $5 lattes in what used to be working-class, wallet-friendly neighborhoods. The well-heeled people moving in call it neighborhood revival; the poorer folks being priced out call it displacement.
Except it's not that simple. Most longtime residents of [...]

A Big Chunk of Congress Heights Was Just Auctioned Off. Hardly Anyone Noticed.

On typical days, the sprawling collection of abandoned, mostly-built houses and vacant lots tucked behind 4th Street SE sits fenced-in and empty, a distorted mirror image of the flattened construction site across the street, which will soon become the new Ballou High School. But on a recent Wednesday afternoon, a crowd of mostly men (mostly [...]

Marion Barry Is the Only Councilmember Who Supports Changes to the Height Act

This morning, D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson introduced symbolic legislation opposing any changes to the Height Act—including the proposed change that would give the D.C. Council some say on future building heights. All but one of his colleagues signed on as co-introducers of the bill. The lone holdout: Marion Barry.
Now, the Ward 8 councilmember has issued a [...]