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Marijuana Decriminalization Puts Housing Authority in a Bind

Last fall, the D.C. Housing Authority's board of directors voted to approve a change to the agency's rules, with the aim of making things simpler for the Housing Authority when confronting troublesome tenants. But as of today, things just got a lot more complicated.
The rule change gave the Housing Authority, which administers public housing and [...]

Vice Principles

Kenyan McDuffie eyed the small plastic shot glass in his hand with suspicion, then took a sip. The proprietors of New Columbia Distillers waited for the Ward 5 councilmember’s reaction to their Green Hat Gin. McDuffie swallowed, and smiled.
“I’m not generally a gin drinker,” McDuffie said, “but it’s good.”
McDuffie and three of his aides were [...]

Q&A: Michael Brown Defends His Record on Housing and Development

Last week, I sat down with David Grosso, who's challenging Michael Brown for an at-large seat on the D.C. Council, to talk about housing and development. This week, I spoke with Brown, who chairs the Committee on Economic Development and Housing, to get his thoughts on the issues, the race, and, yes, weed. Here's what [...]

Opening Shots Fired in Takoma Over City’s New Pot Law

Last night, ANC 4B won its battle with vice in the form of usury. The next item on their agenda, however, could make Famous Pawn’s trial look like a cake walk: Pot.
In May, the D.C. city council approved legislation to sanction as many as eight medical marijuana dispensaries in the District, which would allow only [...]