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Blighted Anacostia Building Reopens as Condos

The city's solicitation for development on eight Anacostia lots may not be returning any blighted buildings to productive use, but one nonprofit developer is. Today, affordable housing developer Manna officially opens The Buxton, a 24-condo project in an Anacostia building that's long stood vacant.
Manna took over the dilapidated building at 1700-1720 W St. SE last year [...]

How Should D.C. Recoup Affordable Housing Funds?

Of all the city's affordable housing programs, this has to be among the worst returns on investment: The city, through its Housing Production Trust Fund, subsidizes the construction or renovation of an affordable home. A low-income resident buys it at a steep discount. After 15 years, the resident can sell the property and pocket not [...]

Ivy City’s Ready to Go–Now It Just Needs Buyers

It's been a rough ride for Ivy City, the neighborhood just north of Gallaudet University. It used to be known for open air drug markets, and the population decreased by a third in the 1990s, before investment started trickling in during the real estate boom. In the early 2000s, the Department of Housing and Economic [...]

How Long Should Affordable Housing Have to Stay That Way? The City Council Takes Another Look.

When the District creates a unit of affordable housing, it usually has some length of time—or even indefinite time—over which it can’t be sold for much more than the original purchase price. The idea is simple: Once someone is done with a unit she bought with a public subsidy, someone else should be able to [...]

D.C.’s Designated Affordable Condos Are Great—Just Don’t Move Any Time Soon

MANNA Up: Jim Dickerson and Frank Demarais say the city’s stiffing affordable condo owners.

Tanya Davis spends most of her hours on the couch, watching cable television shows depicting graphic surgeries and other invasive medical procedures.
It’s not that she’s lost her job or depressed. She’s bed-ridden, waiting for her baby—“Ella” is the chosen name—to be born, [...]

Manna Plans New Condos in Anacostia

Occasionally, I find myself  inexplicably writing over and over, the same day, about the same area of the city. 
Today, the mini onslaught comes from the east of the river neighborhoods—or if you please "River East."
DC MUD is reporting that there are 24 new condos in the works—Condos! Imagine that! It actually may be time to [...]