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Jack Evans’ Latest Idea to Bring the Redskins Back Probably Won’t Work Either

It's not news that Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans desperately wants the Redskins back from Landover, Maryland. In 2010, he proposed tearing down RFK Stadium and building a 110,000-seat replacement. Last year, he and the Mayor went to Tampa to check out a training facility, which could be built near RFK if the whole stadium [...]

What the President’s Jobs Bill Would Mean for D.C.

Via Kathryn Baer, on Friday the White House posted fact sheets on what the American Jobs Act would mean for every state. The District's goodies include:

$387 million in funding for highways and transit systems
$20 million for renovating vacant and foreclosed homes
Payroll tax cuts for 20,000 businesses
$45 million to support 500 teachers and first responders
A tax [...]