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Being a Down-and-Out Developer Surprisingly Fun and Liberating!

This morning's Washington Post features a front page article on District developers that have lost their "swagger." They meet in conference rooms, instead of pricey downtown restaurants. They drink cups of ice water, instead of scarfing down steaks at the Capitol Grille. Or they've dropped their businesses all together! Fired their staffs! Closed up their [...]

Central Union Mission and Georgia Ave.’s Nimby Politics

This story will run in this week's print edition of the Washington City Paper.
Update: Central Union Mission Still Pursuing the Gales School.
In September, representatives with the Central Union Mission went before community members from Petworth and Columbia Heights to explain plans for a big project on Georgia Avenue NW. The mission wants to launch a [...]

City Redeveloping Random Houses/Lots Across the District into Affordable Housing

Today, I received an announcement about an upcoming announcement. Those usually don't fall into my "bloggable" category. But this one was intriguing.
Next Friday, the District will issue a request for proposals to redevelop six sites around the city into affordable housing.
In the Shaw/Logan Circle areas, the sites include:
922 French St., NW (Shaw)*

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Nightmare On N Street

For 20 years, Damian Ford stood up for his Logan Circle neighbors. Now they're the reason he wants out.
Twenty years ago, Damian Ford would hear pimps beating up prostitutes in the alley behind his N Street NW townhouse. He'd grab a baseball bat and scare them off. He was 20 or 30 pounds bigger [...]