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Where Those U Street Booze Moratorium Rumblings Are Coming From

The approximate proposed moratorium zone.

You may have heard that people are mobilizing against a potential future hard cap on liquor licenses in the U Street area. You may even know that such ideas have been floated before in these parts. Nowhere, however, did anyone talk about who was pushing it this time around.
Well, I found [...]

Sleepy Glover Park Keeps the Cork on Liquor

At least there's a Whole Foods.

Calling all booze purveyors: Glover Park just lifted its liquor license moratorium!
Well, a tiny bit at least. Last night, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3B voted to allow two more liquor licenses for beer, wine, and spirits into the little commercial strip, going from 12 to 14—the first increase since 2008, when [...]

Deanwood Plays Hardball With Liquor Stores

A third store selling booze at the intersection of Sheriff Road and Eastern Avenue NE was one too many for Deanwood residents, who've been pulling out all the stops to prevent Uncle Lee's Seafood from getting a retail liquor license.
The problem is, the other two stores are on the Maryland side—so the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation [...]

ANC Votes to *Relax* West Dupont Moratorium Zone

In a refreshing and heartening display of flexibility, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B voted last night to lift the prohibition on new restaurant-class liquor licenses in the moratorium zone west of Dupont Circle.
After a series of meetings, a committee of the ANC produced a report evaluating the current moratorium, which expires later this month. While the [...]

Even Moratorium Whisperings Chill Business Interest

For a few months now, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6B has been thinking over how to keep a pleasant balance of retail and restaurants on the increasingly boozy Barracks Row. One of the tools for doing that is a moratorium on new liquor licenses, which a "Retail Mix Task Force" has explored through talking with representatives [...]

Long Time Coming: Big Bear Cafe Gets its License

On November 3, after months of negotiation with neighbors and being denied by the local ANC, the Big Bear Cafe–represented in its ABRA board hearing by the liquor licensing pro Andrew Kline–was granted its license. Big Bear didn't get everything it wanted: The Board, while dismissing most of the protestants' concerns about trash, noise, and [...]

Moratorium Floated For Boozy Barracks Row

Some Capitol Hill residents have watched with alarm as more restaurants and bars have flocked to vibrant 8th Street SE, replacing long-time retail establishments. Most recently, the darling pet shop Chateau Animaux announced it would sell its building to not one but two restaurants: A Moby Dick House of Kabob, and a noodle place called [...]

Big Bear Cafe Liquor License Getting (Formally) Protested

When we last left Bloomingdale's Big Bear Cafe, owner Stu Davenport was hashing out a voluntary agreement with nearby residents to confine his proposed restaurant's hours of operation. But the early June deadline for that to happen came and went, according to Davenport, and he hasn't heard from the group after a few tries at [...]

Amid Confusion Over ABRA Procedure, Big Bear Cafe License Vote Postponed Again

[Big Bear Café owner Stuart Davenport took a more active role in this week's meeting. Please excuse the shaky footage, I'm still getting used to this video thing.]
Last week, the debate over Big Bear Café’s application for a restaurant liquor license in Bloomingdale exploded into the open, with heated discussion at a meeting of ANC [...]

With Liquor License, Trailblazing Big Bear Runs Into a Thicket

The Big Bear Café was a new thing for Bloomingdale when it opened at 1st and R Streets in 2007. The neighborhood didn’t have a proper coffeeshop, and it’s become a magnet for the young professionals who’ve been coming to the area in droves. Mostly, the older neighbors haven’t seemed to mind.
Now, the Café would [...]