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A New Federal Pentagon in Southwest?

The Southwest quadrant has some problems. We all know it. Today, the General Services Administration took a step toward fixing it.
Granted, it's a small step: an announcement of the GSA's "intent to issue a Request for Information (RFI) for interested parties to address the long term needs of multiple GSA Federal Customers located [...]

Glassy Box Replaces Curvy Building on L’Enfant Plaza

A box instead of a pyramid. (Rendering by SmithGroup)

At one point in the misty past of 2010, there was this plan for the barren plaza off the L'Enfant promenade on 10th Street SW. Then there was this lawsuit by neighboring land owner Heyman Properties, which claimed that an office building would obstruct pedestrian flow (as [...]

Cafeteria Society

The south side of the National Mall
has never been known for dynamic dining. And at lunchtime, C Street SW is especially forlorn. Other than the occasional snack cart, the strip’s monolithic office buildings generate all the midday foot traffic of abandoned warehouses.
Have faith, hungry pedestrian! Step through a barely visible door near the corner of [...]

Live Chat with NCPC on Southwest Ecodistrict

We're talking with the National Capital Planning Commission's Diane Sullivan and Elizabeth Miller here at 1:00 p.m. about the Southwest Ecodistrict project. Please join!

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SW Ecodistrict chat with NCPC

Chat with the NCPC Here Next Wednesday!

As much as we sometimes hate on the National Capital Planning Commission in this space, they've lately embarked on a laudable transparency initiative, posting all sorts of documents online and reaching out to start conversations about the issues they deal with. To that end, next Wednesday we'll be having one of those online chats here [...]

Curvy Confection for L’Enfant Plaza?

Bisnow brings us this crazy rendering of what JBG is planning to build in the center of L'Enfant Plaza: A 650,000 square foot office building, featuring undulating glass walls that would clash fantastically with their stark rectilinear surroundings. Once the business with Heyman Properties gets sorted out, of course.

NoMa: The Better-Designed L’Enfant Plaza?

A person in the business development field told me something interesting yesterday: People in his circle were starting to worry that NoMa, with all of of its recent large governmental leases, could start feeling like an office zone akin to the barren wasteland at L'Enfant Plaza and Federal Center, if landlords weren't careful. NoMa's glassy [...]

One Idea for Banneker Overlook: Everybody Shares

Last week, I ran through all the competition lately for the warped oval that butt-ends 10th Street SW, commonly known as Banneker Park. In response to that column (which will remain in place for another week, as I work on two projects for next issue) I received a polite note from Sam Eskenazi, the director [...]

L’Enfant’s Limbo: D.C.’s biggest urban planning disaster has dragged a memorial down with it.

Last Tuesday, Peggy Seats came to Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6D with a simple request: That the appellation “Banneker Memorial” be added to the L’Enfant Plaza Metrorail station. It’s the least the city could do, she argued, to honor the memory of America’s first black man of science.
Trouble is, there still isn’t [...]

National Park Service: Keep Banneker Memorial Off L’Enfant Plaza Metro

At an ANC 6D meeting Tuesday night, commissioners considered a request by the Washington Interdependence Council to endorse the addition of "Banneker Memorial" to the L'Enfant Plaza Metro station. It would be only fair, WIC's Peggy Seats argued: The southern end of the promenade over which the station sits was designated in 1971 as Benjamin [...]