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Artomatic Provides Panoramic View of Creeping Progress at Capitol Riverfront

The great thing about Artomatic is that it often introduces people to construction-heavy neighborhoods where there's not much going on otherwise.
Last year, the event was held in NoMa. This year, it's in the Capitol Riverfront, home to Nationals Park and...that Five Guys that President Barack Obama visited recently.

Why Is Lehman Brothers Still Hiring?

Lehman Brothers had a stake in numerous Washington D.C. area projects, investing at least "$620 million in at least 15 Monument [Realty] projects," according to a September Washington Business Journal article. "Among other things, Lehman holds an interest in Monument’s Half Street development near the ballpark, the Watergate Hotel project, the Monument View mixed-use project [...]

Dick Fuld and the Story of Lehman Brothers’ Collapse

New York magazine has an excellent cover story on this week's issue about Dick Fuld, the CEO of Lehman Brothers, a major investor in D.C. real estate projects over the years.

Real Estate Roundup

*The Washington Business Journal reports the local angle on Lehman Brothers' demise: "Over the past several years, Lehman has invested about $620 million in at least 15 Monument [Realty] projects, according to Monument’s Web site, often acting as an equity partner above and beyond any exposure as a debt provider on Monument projects. Among other [...]