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Good Riddance to Old Rubbish

Last month, the District got one of those rankings that it knows is meaningless but celebrates anyway: It has more building square feet per capita certified by the U.S. Green Building Council as enviro-friendly than any state in the nation. Win!
It’s meaningless in part because D.C. is a city and can’t realistically be compared to [...]

Boring Office Building Cleans Up at AIA Design Awards

Every year around this time, the American Institute of Architects' D.C. chapter picks the best recent projects designed by its members and from non-native architects' work in the city. This year's list is out, and the biggest winner—picking up both a jury award for excellence and a Presidential citation for sustainability—is PNC Place, the glassy [...]

LEEDy Outtakes

My column this week is about the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED for Neighborhood Development certification, which D.C. has more of than any one other city–because most of the city is shaped along their criteria anyway. As usual, there were a few interesting bits I couldn't fit. So here they are in a blog post:

Two [...]

Easy Does It

Higher-ups in the District government love to brag about their city’s environmental credentials: D.C., they’ll tell you, has more certifiably green buildings and more acreage of green roofs than any place besides Chicago, not to mention more Energy Star-approved buildings than anywhere besides Los Angeles.
“We’re a city that has nearly 30 acres of green roofs [...]

Report: Clean Energy Economy Among Fatest Growing Job Sectors in D.C.

New stories about green building frequently read like flashy press releases from environmental non-profits.
Wow: "Entourage" star Adrian Grenier's new pad will have wall insulation made of recycled denim! No kidding: Johnny Depp's Bahamas island home runs on solar hydrogen technology!
Locally speaking, Mayor Adrian Fenty launched GreenDC Agenda to a whole lot of hoopla and excitement, [...]