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No Movement on the Horizon for J.F. Cook School

For a second there, it looked like Youthbuild public charter school was about to start making progress again on its plan to make use of the vacant J.F. Cook School in Truxton Circle after neighborhood protest killed the participation of the Latin American Youth Center, which brought millions of dollars worth of funding from various [...]

With Latin American Youth Center Booted from J.F. Cook School, Youthbuild Seeks New Partner

In the end, after all the protesting and petitioning and lobbying of city officials, it appears that the Latin American Youth Center's proposal to house at-risk young people at the J.F. Cook school in Truxton Circle has finally died. That leaves the other non-profit working on the project, Youthbuild Public Charter School, in a tough [...]

Latin American Youth Center at J.F. Cook School: Not Dead Yet

It's been a rough ride for the Latin American Youth Center in its bid to build housing for at-risk youth–along with a branch of the YouthBuild charter school–at the now-empty J.F. Cook School on P Street just off North Capitol. After getting support from the Fenty Administration and funding from both public and private sources, [...]

NIMBY Watch: Neighbors Resist Plans for Youth Housing at Cook School

Back in 2008, after the closure of 23 public schools, the District awarded J.F. Cook Elementary at 1st and P Streets NW to two entities: the public charter school YouthBuild, which helps kids who haven't been successful in traditional school settings to learn trades, and the Latin American Youth Center, which planned to build apartments [...]