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Hotel Workers Bring the Noise

At 7:00 a.m. this morning, members of the UNITE-HERE union started picketing outside the Marriott Wardman hotel in Woodley Park while they negotiate a new contract—and organizers say they won't go away until it's signed, or until they go to another one of the seven hotels that's negotiating with them. (Okay, they'll stop at night).
This [...]

Faced With Union Protest, Downtown BID Cancels Report Release

Bright and early tomorrow morning, the Downtown Business Improvement District was scheduled to release its annual State of Downtown Report, a splashy event at the Newseum typically attended by the city's development mucketymucks. But in the last few days, they learned that the event would be protested by some of their own staff: The red-suited [...]

Wage Theft Complaints on the Rise in D.C.

When you add a tip to a receipt, are you sure that the server is actually getting that cut? If you’re working a government construction job, are you sure you’re getting the prevailing wage for the area? The economy hasn’t just depressed rates and payrolls—it’s also just made some employers more likely to short their [...]

Why Workers Go Non-Union

My story's on the cover this week, so it won't show up on the blog. But I wanted to add a little outtake about Southland Concrete, which added a bit to my understanding of the anti-union mentality. Southland president Randy Green, after all, could once have joined a union himself: He worked his way up [...]

Should a Union-Busting Company Build the MLK Memorial?

After the fracas over its Chinese sculptor, the folks behind the Martin Luther King Memorial have been very careful who they choose to build the Mall's newest installation. They've hired 56 percent minority and women-owned firms, which a press release says has “made inclusion and a spirit of diversity on the project a top priority [...]