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Ward 7 Civic Leaders Angered By Pollin Development

For a lot of Washingtonians, today is all about the late Abe Pollin—for better, and for worse in some cases.
In Chinatown, well-wishers will drop off stuffed animals, Lego sets and others toys to honor Pollin at the site of his most famous accomplishment, the Verizon Center. Meanwhile, across town in Ward 7, local civic leaders [...]

Metro’s Most Wanted: Passengers Urged to Report Text-Messaging Drivers

It's the latest, trendy "gotcha!"  Catching your Metro bus or train operator behaving badly.
In this post-Ft. Totten world, it's not surprising that citizens are scrutinizing their drivers more. Last week, a Metro train operator was caught texting while driving. Then yesterday, a Maryland bus driver was accused of reading a book while operating her vehicle. [...]

‘Build it for the Children’ and Other Highlights from the Convention Center Hotel Hearing

The Convention Center Hotel, located at 9th Street and Massachusetts Ave.
"I want you to imagine a District of Columbia without a Verizon Center and a Convention Center," stated Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans. "It would probably look like Detroit."
"We are now spending records amounts of money in our school system. We are spending record amounts [...]

DC Council Hearing on Convention Center Hotel Scheduled for Wednesday

This Wednesday, two D.C. council committees will hold a joint hearing on the Washington Convention Center's hotel, which may finally be built after years of stalling (not to mention, a recent announcement from competitor National Harbor that Disney was going to build there).
When the hotel idea was first revived, the city was considering issuing $750 [...]

One Way We Could Fund the New Convention Center Hotel

This is clearly not the best economic time for reviving long dormant projects. But earlier this week, D.C. officials implored that the long-awaited convention center hotel must begin construction pronto—or else D.C. could lose serious convention business to P.G. County's National Harbor and other cities with all their luring amenities in place.
The question now, [...]

Changes to Land Agreements Passed Inside Budget

City Administrator Neil Albert claims that we'll "never get anything done in this city,” thanks to new changes in the approval of land disposition agreements.
But the adjustments just seem to ask for more openness and transparency from the beginning when it comes to developers' side of the bargain. How bad could that be? Judge for [...]

Kwame Brown and Mayor “Work Cooperatively” On Southwest Land Transfer Resolution

In the last week, I've blogged a few times about Councilmember Kwame Brown's various moves with a bill that would convey 16 acres of land by the Southwest Waterfront to the developers that seek to rebuild the area. I won't go over all the details. But to be brief: the bill has been long-delayed, and [...]

Latest Kwame Brown/Southwest Waterfront Development Drama

From the Washington Business Journal:
After completing a long-delayed hearing Thursday on a land deal for redevelopment of D.C.’s Southwest waterfront, Councilman Kwame Brown, D-at large and chair of the Economic Development Committee, cancelled a mark-up on the project Friday and is preparing new legislation that would make considerable changes to the deal.
The $1.5 billion [...]

More On Kwame Brown and $1.5 Billion Southwest Development

This morning's Washington Business Journal leads with a front page profile on Kwame Brown, Chair of the Council's Economic Development Committee. According to the piece, Kwame's been flexing his legislative muscle, refusing to move forward on development bills until he reviews all the proper information, and generally not bowing to pressure from the building community.
Case [...]