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Klingle’s Back! Road Fight Enters Realm of Absurdity With Federal Court Battle

The washed-out road, iced over last winter.

Sweet baby Jesus.
We thought this was all over a year ago, when the District Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration decided that Klingle Road through Rock Creek Park—a 0.7-mile stretch behind the Kennedy-Warren apartments in Cleveland Park that has been closed since it washed out two decades [...]

Not Another Klingle!!!!!

When Broad Branch Road closed on account of a second giant sinkhole that appeared over a culvert on April 14th, it wasn't just another inconvenience. It was the potential for another decades-long battle to regain passage across Rock Creek Park.
“The last time I was told repairing a road in Rock Creek Park was complex was [...]

Klingle Trail Hurdles NEPA, But Don’t Expect Action Soon

Could it be coming to an end? Could it possibly?
Well, a part of it, at least. Today, the District Department of Transportation released its National Environmental Policy Act-required Finding of No Significant Impact (affectionately known as a Fonzi) on a plan for the Klingle Trail–the washed-out road that once connected Woodley Park with Beach Drive [...]

Klingle Trail Has Become Genuinely Impassable

It's been formally off limits for almost two decades now, but Klingle Road/Trail/Valley has at least been navigable by foot for most of it. Residents have been accustomed to using it as a jogging and dog walking path, enjoying the sense of elegant decay that comes from a quiet, overgrown road with no cars.
Recently, though, [...]

Klingle Krazies Go Another Round

At the beginning of a public meeting last night on a new environmental assessment for the Klingle Valley trail, the moderator warned a small collection of audience members that applause and booing were not allowed, the meeting was not a debate, and personal attacks would not be tolerated.
“You will be asked to leave,” he said.
It [...]