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Give Lease a Chance: D.C. Council and the Courts Square Off on Tenants’ Rights.

Objection!: Landlord attorney Hessler says speedy creation of a new court is not practical.
Every weekday morning at 9 a.m., D.C. landlord and tenant court begins with a mind-numbing exercise: roll call. The clerk stands up front and reads the names.
Some landlords grasp little satchels and clunky brief cases and nervously respond when called; lost-looking tenants [...]

Will Tenants Finally Be Able to Sue in Landlord Tenant Court?

Marion Barry heard testimony today on the Tenant Access to Justice Reform Act of 2009
You don't need to spend much time in D.C.'s landlord and tenant court to learn a rather perplexing fact about how the place is run: Tenants don't file lawsuits here–they're not allowed. The tenants are always defendants; the landlords and/or their [...]