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Reports: D.C. Area Housing Too Expensive For Millennials, Retail Workers Getting Squeezed

A rainy forecast for some millennial workers in the D.C. area.

Private Employment in America Finally Overcame the Recession. In D.C., It’s Way Up Already.

It's no secret that D.C. fared better than much of the country during and after the recession. But a new report out from the Office of the Chief Financial Officer shows just how much better the District made out than the United States as a whole.
According to the report, in the first quarter of 2014, national [...]

Has D.C.’s Economy Peaked?

The D.C. Office of the Chief Financial Officer just sent out its monthly economic trend report, and it's a bleak one. The title of the July 2013 report says it all: "Is the DC economy stalling?"
"Employment in the District of Columbia has stopped growing in recent months, according to seasonally-adjusted employment and labor force data [...]

More Evidence for the Boomtown File

It seems each month brings another allegation of D.C.'s "Boomtown" status as a leeching, federal government-dependent city of excess, and one new set of numbers to counter it. This month, the former category belongs to Mark Leibovich's tell-all on "America's gilded capital," This Town, and the inane reviews that have accompanied it. Fortunately, today we [...]

Cleaner Rivers, Higher Bills, More D.C. Jobs?

If you're like most D.C. residents and use running water from time to time, you'll soon be paying more for the service. As part of DC Water's $2.6 billion Clean Rivers Project to build huge tunnels under the city and significantly reduce the amount of sewage entering D.C.'s rivers, property owners will be slapped with [...]

Wonks: College Is Not the (Only) Answer for D.C. Kids

The Brookings Institution's Greater Washington Initiative has surveyed the District's educational system, and concluded that all this "everybody can go to college" cheerleading is so much baloney. Rather, a new report says, the city's kids need more work experiences in high school, and should be encouraged to view professional certificates and two-year degrees as a [...]

What the President’s Jobs Bill Would Mean for D.C.

Via Kathryn Baer, on Friday the White House posted fact sheets on what the American Jobs Act would mean for every state. The District's goodies include:

$387 million in funding for highways and transit systems
$20 million for renovating vacant and foreclosed homes
Payroll tax cuts for 20,000 businesses
$45 million to support 500 teachers and first responders
A tax [...]

Gray and Brown Play Good Cop, Bad Cop on Jobs

Today, Mayor Vince Gray announced a new pilot project that would create a carrot for employing District residents on six public school modernization projects: A five percent premium for general contractors that meet District resident hiring requirements negotiated in their contracts, and a bonus paid to subcontractors equal to 10 percent of the payroll of [...]

Whose Fault Joblessness? Government, Labor, Business Tell Each Other What to Do.

In advance of Vince Gray’s inauguration, ideas have been pouring forth on ways to rectify the District’s most glaring contradiction: While our economy is doing relatively well, you wouldn’t know it by looking at our 10 percent unemployment rate.
The city has various initiatives to match current residents with the new jobs created here: An array [...]

Vince Gray Economic Plan Bullshit Detector

As with many campaign platforms, Vince Gray's new economic development plan has both pablum and some actual ideas. Let's separate the wheat from the chaff.
Good news first!

Enforce the District's First Source Law by charging the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development to create a tracking system for jobs that go to District residents: Yes. There is [...]