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What Would Replace the Reeves Center in the D.C. United Deal?

A lengthy political battle stands between the city's proposal to orchestrate several land swaps and purchases in order to build a D.C. United soccer stadium at Buzzard Point and the realization of the plan. But one central piece of the plan, previously lacking in clear details, has begun to come into focus: the building that would [...]

Playground Dispute Raises Questions About D.C. General’s Future

Nearly everyone agrees that the D.C. General shelter is in rough shape. Nearly everyone agrees that it should be shut down before long. And yet those seemingly aligned sentiments are proving increasingly irreconcilable.
Last week, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, who chairs the D.C. Council's human services committee, called for shutting down the shelter at the former [...]

Graham Calls for Shutting Down D.C. General Shelter by Year’s End

The shelter at the former D.C. General Hospital has been filled to capacity for some time now. It was full when this past winter began, meaning that the city had to turn to motels and recreation centers to house all homeless families seeking shelter as hypothermia conditions set in. Families have been there for as [...]

Coucilmembers Urge Gray to Continue Sheltering Homeless Families As Temperatures Rise

Four members of the D.C. Council are pressing Mayor Vince Gray to continue to provide shelter to all of the city's homeless families currently in shelter, rather than turning them out when the weather gets warmer.
The District is required by law to provide shelter to all homeless families in need when the temperature drops below freezing [...]

City Faces a Growing Crisis in Housing Homeless Families

Before finding herself homeless and bouncing around shelters with her four children, one witness at this morning's D.C. Council hearing was a victim of domestic violence. But she sometimes wishes she could go back to the way things were. "I would have better endured getting hit every day than to be homeless with four children," [...]

Homeless Advocates Call for Program Tweaks Instead of Motel Shelters

As of Jan. 15, the District was putting up 349 hotel families in motels, in both D.C. and Maryland, because the city's shelter system was maxed out. It's a solution that's preferable to leaving these families to fend for themselves, but it's far from ideal. First, it presents substantial hardships to the families themselves, who [...]

Evans Bill Would Strip Howard Town Center Funding

In late 2012, the D.C. Council approved an $11 million tax break for the development of Howard Town Center, a mixed-use project on Georgia Avenue across from and owned by Howard University, despite the fact that then-D.C. Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi had deemed the subsidy unnecessary. Now that plans for the Howard Town Center have [...]

Jim Graham Lays Out His Battle Plan to Annihilate Pop-Ups

Jim Graham's war on pop-ups is only just beginning. Facing obstacles to his plan to get the Zoning Commission to ban the sometimes unsightly additions to the tops of rowhouses, the Ward 1 councilmember is exploring other options to eliminate pop-ups once and for all.
Graham just sent a lengthy email to a U Street–area listserv laying out [...]

Graham Asks Zoning Commission to Put an End to Pop-Ups

Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham is tired of the "monstrosities" growing from the tops of rowhouses, and he wants the Zoning Commission to do something about it.
"Councilmember Graham Asks Zoning Commission to End 'Pop Ups' in the District," reads a press release issued by Graham's office this afternoon. The pop-ups in question are additions of [...]

Grocery, JBG Collaboration Still on the Table for 965 Florida

Angry neighbors confronted a senior city official and the developers-to-be of a valuable parcel of public land last night over the city's decision this summer to award the site to a team that was not favored by local groups.
Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham presided over the gathering in the back room of Duffy's Irish Pub after [...]