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Tacos and Shipping Containers Coming to 9th and U NW

Via the very useful, newish EastShawDC blog, we learn that the ever-busy brothers Hilton have something in mind for a vacant lot on U Street near the soon-to-open Brixton: A bar made out of shipping containers. Developer Jim Abdo has been sitting on the lot since 2004, and decided to lease it to Ian Hilton. [...]

Abdo Bails on Logan Circle Project

Developer Jim Abdo's lawyer tells me that he's withdrawn the zoning application for his planned 70-ish-unit building in the empty space between 14th and 15th Street on Rhode Island Avenue NW, and declined to give a reason for the reversal. It's not an unprecedented thing for Abdo; he's proposed building on top of his office [...]

Department of Phantom Projects: When Will Catholic University’s Conference Center Finally Get Started?

Fringe Lot Forever?

District residents are used to seeing empty pieces of land and learning of the plans that existed for them before, you know, the economy. Usually, with a few notable exceptions, they stalled out in the last crash, and started coming off the shelf again as D.C. emerged as an island of safety in [...]

Evans Picks 14th Street for 2012 HQ

The red-and-white Jack Evans sign that appeared recently in the window of the Abdo Development showroom on 14th and Rhode Island Avenue NW isn't (necessarily) an expression of support for the Councilmember's 2012 reelection campaign. Evans will be renting the space for his base of operations heading into the April primary—at market rate, according to [...]

Two New Projects Filling Holes in Dupont/Logan

Up for consideration at the Historic Preservation Review Board this month are two new projects that will just fit in between the buildings around them.
The first: A nine-story apartment building at 17th and O Street on land owned by First Baptist Church (yet another religious institution making good use of its extra acreage) and developed [...]

Farm Teams: Why D.C.’s developer fiefdoms are good for neighborhoods

Toward the end of last year, the Chevy Chase development firm JBG—a real-estate titan, at least by D.C. standards—quietly bought up nearly all of the remaining empty land in the U Street corridor. It was a smart move.
One of JBG’s new chunks of real estate, the derelict and fenced-off Atlantic Plumbing lots around the 9:30 [...]

Getting This Party Started at Convention Center Hotel

In proof positive that long-running development projects make for nearly as long groundbreaking speeches, today's ceremony to mark the official start of construction on the $520 million Marriott Marquis hotel downtown was a doozy, with speakers thanking everyone from former mayor Marion Barry (seated proudly in the front row) to Washington Convention and Sports Authority [...]

Abdo Bails on Arbor Place, New York Avenue Goes Begging

The invaluable Michael Niebauer reports this morning that developer Jim Abdo is pulling out of a 16-acre, $1.1 billion mixed-use project on New York Avenue NE. The plan was approved as a planned unit development over two years ago, but the financing never came together, and Abdo is finally calling it quits. Instead, he's helping [...]

Abdo Project in Brookland Gets Final Zoning Approval

Jim Abdo's big Brookland project, which will add some 825 new homes, "eclectic college town retail," and below-market-rate spaces for artists, got final approval from the D.C. Zoning Commission on Monday night, the Washington Post reports. (Click here for more renderings of the Abdo plan, and here for details of what's coming and location info.)
According [...]

And One More Note About Art Place@Ft. Totten

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Ft. Totten's new look (above) and its current state below.
And since we're discussing the Art Place @ Ft. Totten, let me provide a few numbers, for comparison's sake, on its enormity.
The Art Place@Ft. Totten—located next to the Fort Totten Metro Station—will include a children's museum, a grocery store, tons of retail space [...]