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Council Committee Approves Tax Break That CFO Called Unnecessary

A D.C. Council committee approved an $11 million tax break today for the Howard Town Center development on Georgia Avenue NW—despite the fact that Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi deemed the break unnecessary.
The Council's finance and revenue committee approved the 10-year, 100 percent property tax abatement, plus three other tax breaks, in less than a [...]

Power Moves: The District Looks at Burying Its Power Lines

After the region got derechoed this summer and nearly half a million Pepco customers found themselves without power, District leaders went into CYA mode.
Mayor Vince Gray called for a “game-changer” and assembled a 15-member task force to figure out how to move the city’s power lines underground. Councilmembers Mary Cheh and Jack Evans introduced separate proposals [...]

LivingSocial: Too Big to Fail, But Can it Scale?

Last week, the D.C. Council considered Mayor Vince Gray's proposal to grant the daily deals behemoth LivingSocial a tax incentive package worth $32.5 million, in the interest of keeping it around. LivingSocial's people came in suits, ready to don the mantle of good corporate citizenship, as is expected of those who receive favors from the [...]

Jack Evans’ Latest Idea to Bring the Redskins Back Probably Won’t Work Either

It's not news that Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans desperately wants the Redskins back from Landover, Maryland. In 2010, he proposed tearing down RFK Stadium and building a 110,000-seat replacement. Last year, he and the Mayor went to Tampa to check out a training facility, which could be built near RFK if the whole stadium [...]

Georgetown Wants More Help From the City: Really?

Every couple of months, I go to some event where Georgetowners agonize about how nobody likes their neighborhood anymore—commercial corridors around the city are attracting the exciting new retail and restaurants, throwing them into an identity crisis. That was supposed to be resolved by a new branding campaign, but the fretting continues.
Last month, it was [...]

Evans Picks 14th Street for 2012 HQ

The red-and-white Jack Evans sign that appeared recently in the window of the Abdo Development showroom on 14th and Rhode Island Avenue NW isn't (necessarily) an expression of support for the Councilmember's 2012 reelection campaign. Evans will be renting the space for his base of operations heading into the April primary—at market rate, according to [...]

D.C. Business Groups: We are Relevant!

After my profile of the D.C. Fiscal Policy institute, in which Councilmember Jack Evans dissed business groups for their "woeful" analysis and outreach, the D.C. Chamber of Commerce, Federal City Council, and Greater Washington Board of Trade saw fit to have their top executives sign a letter insisting that they do, in fact, influence policy. [...]

Fiscal Education

D.C. Councilmember Yvette Alexander was on her way into a Wilson Building meeting Monday afternoon when four members of the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute waylaid her, brandishing fact sheets and legislative text. It was the day before the final budget vote. She granted them two minutes. Their concern: A last-minute amendment would boot parents off [...]

Budget Chunks: De-Taxing Edition

Committee on Finance and Revenue chairman Jack Evans rejected a host of the Mayor's proposals on Thursday, calling it "inconceivable" that the District could raise taxes while proposing a $10.82 billion budget–the largest in its history. Offering deep cuts to social services as the only alternative, he said in yesterday's committee meeting, was [...]

The BCDs of Going to Wall Street

Tomorrow, the District's head financial honchos–Mayor Vince Gray, Council chairman Kwame Brown, Chief Financial Officer Nat Gandhi, and Committee on Finance and Revenue chairman Jack Evans–will show up in lower Manhattan to beg for something very important: A continued healthy bond rating, which allows the city to borrow what it needs to run the government [...]