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Meet the New Boss: DHCD Director John Hall

Mayor Vince Gray's pick to head the Department of Housing and Community Development has been on the job for four weeks, and already had to deal with a massive Washington Post series critical of both his former and current employers. And he's moving in to a new apartment tomorrow! As has become Housing Complex habit, [...]

Meet the New Boss: DMPED’s Victor Hoskins

We're continuing our introductions of new agency directors today with Mayor Vince Gray's nominee for Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, Victor Hoskins. He's a charismatic guy who'll both laugh uproariously and cry in public–but this city will depend more on how well he can push slow-moving projects through the pipeline than how well [...]

Meet the New Boss: DCRA’s Nicholas Majett

Nicholas Majett, the newly-appointed director of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, is pretty much a D.C. government lifer: Before coming to DCRA in 2006 as deputy director for inspections and compliance, he spent 19 years in the Attorney General’s office, litigating cases on the District’s behalf. Last week, Majett sat down with Housing [...]