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The Extended, Extended Homebuyer Tax Credit…

Although the president passed the extended homebuyer tax credit back on Nov. 6, the Internal Revenue Service just sent out a press release yesterday with all the details...
Which actually reminded me of something that's rarely mentioned in stories about the credit, a huge driving force in today's housing market:
"Members of the Armed Forces and certain [...]

Second Chance for First-Time Buyers

Tax Shelter: real estate agent Atul Garg can give you up to 8,000 reasons you should buy now.
Second Chance for First-Time Buyers: Want $8,000 back with the purchase of your first house? Pay attention!
Real estate agents across the country became temporary policy wonks last week.
But unlike other C-SPAN junkies, this group wasn’t fixated on whether the House [...]

How Many People Have Used the Homebuyer Credit in D.C.?

In D.C., roughly one out of every 445 people filed for the credit. In the entire state of Maryland, 23,679 have filed for the credit, roughly one out of every 237 residents.  In Virginia, 40,527 have filed for the credit, roughly one out of every 191 locals. (I calculated these numbers comparing the original [...]