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Mayor to Inauguration Housing Money Grubbers: I Support You!

Okay I'm a little behind on this news, but better late than never. On Friday, Mayor Adrian Fenty "announced an Executive Order, temporarily suspending the enforcement of city regulations that require residents to have a basic business license and a certificate of occupancy for short-term leasing agreements on residential property, making way for District residents [...]

Cumberland Maryland Wants Piece of Inauguration Housing Pie

It seems like "real America" is trying get in on really, really "fake America's" good fortune. Rocky Gap Lodge & Golf Resort, located in Flintstone Maryland, near Cumberland is offering "a value-laden package for the upcoming Presidential Inauguration." A note from the company's publicist says the hotel "is within a two-hour drive of Washington D.C." [...]

Inauguration Rental Report: Two $600 Bedrooms in Twining

Craigslister: Quinn Walker, 41
Offering: Two bedrooms in his Twining home for $600 per room a night. He will remain in the house that week.
Other Current Occupants: None.
Location: Close to the intersection of 29th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast.

Date posted: 11/19/2008
Responses: None.
Why: People told me "Why don't you do it? You live so close to the [...]

Inauguration Rental Report: The $12,000 Mount Vernon Square Townhouse

Craigslister: Lydia Goring, 66.
Offering: $12,000 for five-bedroom Mount Vernon Square home for the entire inauguration week.
Other Current Occupants: Goring's husband, Keith Burd, 55.
Location: Close to the intersection of 4th and M Streets NW.

Date posted: 11/16/2008
Responses: None. Luckily, a friend of a friend got in touch with Goring, offering to pay her asking price.
Why: Goring never [...]

Inauguration Rental Report: $2,500 Capitol Hill Apartment

Craigslister: Katherine Johnson, 50
Offering: $2,500 for her Capitol Hill apartment with one bedroom.
Other Occupants: Daughter Danielle, 17
Location: Close to 11th and C Streets Northeast, just above Lincoln Park.
Special Requests: Absolutely none. Johnson's advertisement lays it out as simply as possible: "Close to all events during inauguration week. You name the price. I am willing [...]

Inauguration Rental Report: The $12,500 Glover Park Townhouse

Craigslister: Patrick Holway, 34
Offering: $12,500 Glover Park townhouse with two bedrooms and two bathrooms
Other occupants: Wife Stacey Holway, 32, and "really large dog" Gus.
Location: Benton Street, just west of Wisconsin Avenue.

Special Requests: No pets.
Date posted: 11/15/2008
Responses:Two e-mails: one from someone who just wanted to spend the night at the house and another from [...]

Inauguration Rental Reports: The $15,000 Capitol Hill Townhouse

Let me first apologize. If you're sick of reading about inauguration rentals, then this blog probably irritated you in the past week. Thus far, I've followed (with four entries ) one girl's attempt to rent out her Northwest townhouse, and I've constantly posted stories and figures I've found related to the inauguration crowds and outrageously [...]

The Inauguration Rental Chronicles, Part 4: Exuberant Exchanges After a Response

The Inauguration Rental Chronicles follows the epic story of four roommates as they seek to rent out their Northwest townhouse for a glorious sum while battling the tides of waning consumer interest, pie-in-the-sky expectations, and an untested and entirely unknown market.
The last chapter of our story ended on a positive note. After three days [...]

Six Reasons to Pull Your Craigslist Inauguration Rental Ad

I must admit: with all the stories I've posted about inauguration rentals, I've started to mull over the process myself. And I quickly realized there was a lot to contemplate—and a lot to do. And a lot to worry about never seeing again: my furniture, my plates and glasses, my many sizable collection of sweatshirts [...]

Eleanor Holmes Norton Talks Inauguration Numbers

NPR's Michel Martin interviewed Congressional Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton on Friday about just how many people will be coming to D.C. for the inauguration, and how the city is bracing for the flood. The interview includes some useful numbers, and interesting thoughts from Norton about what Washington D.C. should do to ensure the event goes [...]