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Mapping D.C.’s Extraordinary Demographic Changes

Last week I presented a few charts and maps of the demographic changes the District has experienced, courtesy of a project by the Urban Institute. Now, using a new tool from the U.S. Census Bureau, I've been able to create some additional maps that show just how much the city has been transformed over the [...]

More Immigrants to the Suburbs, D.C. Not So Much

People sure want to come to Washington from other countries—but not really the city itself. That's the takeaway from a rundown of the numbers by George Mason University's Center for Regional Analysis, covered today in the Examiner.
The area gained 200,000 immigrants over the last decade, or 20 percent to the region's overall 9.6 percent growth [...]

D.C. Court Rules Undocumented Immigrants Are People Too

In a case that began five years ago and finally put to rest today, the D.C. Court of Appeals has decided that undocumented workers count as "employees" under the District's Workers Compensation Act–a reassuring ruling for anyone persecuted by an employer based on immigration status.
Here's the story. Back in June 2005, Palemon Casarrubias Gonzalez was [...]