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Objection to Southwest Development Could Stand Even If Residents Withdraw

The developer of three proposed Southwest Waterfront buildings is trying to prevent residents of an existing building on the same site from speaking out against the new development, going so far as to threaten a lawsuit and damages against residents who oppose the plans at an upcoming Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting or take any other [...]

Developer Threatens Suit as Southwest Residents Seek Landmark Status

A legal battle is heating up near the Southwest Waterfront as condo owners seeking historic landmark status for their building in an effort to head off adjacent development have been met with threats of a lawsuit and financial damages from the developer.
The Bernstein Companies are hoping to construct three new buildings alongside two 1960 residential [...]

L’Enfant’s Limbo: D.C.’s biggest urban planning disaster has dragged a memorial down with it.

Last Tuesday, Peggy Seats came to Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6D with a simple request: That the appellation “Banneker Memorial” be added to the L’Enfant Plaza Metrorail station. It’s the least the city could do, she argued, to honor the memory of America’s first black man of science.
Trouble is, there still isn’t [...]