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Can the National Theatre Finally Come Back to Life?

Washington has no shortage of live theaters. And as the failure of the Lincoln Theater shows, it’s not easy to keep them above water: It’s a new entertainment world out there, after all, in which people have a lot of options for their nights and weekends.
But while the Lincoln generated a flurry of press interest [...]

The Howard Theater Effect

Coming up Florida Avenue, you might have noticed an explosion of construction activity lately around 5th and 6th Streets NW. Corner houses on both sides of the 5th Street intersection are getting renovated. On the east southeast corner of 5th Street, the ground floor of a Howard University-owned building has been totally redone, and will [...]

Peeking Through Fences

The Howard Theater:

Gibson Plaza, getting resurfaced:

Message of Howard Theater Groundbreaking: Black D.C. Isn’t Being Left Behind

The usual suspects took up their shovels this morning to officially begin the restoration of Ledroit Park and Shaw's Howard Theater, which has been falling apart from the inside after decades of disuse. In the audience were dozens of older residents, half of whom raised their hands when Shaw Main Streets president Alex Padro asked [...]

How D.C. Found Money for the Howard Theatre

Whenever money gets moved around in the D.C. budget to make something happen, it's always nice to know where it came from. In some cases, it's extra money no longer needed for the original use. In other cases, it's money borrowed from projects that can't quite use it yet. In yet other cases, it's a [...]

Howard Theater Set to Break Ground in August

A bit of news picked up from Shaw Main Streets president Alex Padro and confirmed by Chip Ellis: The long-brewing Howard Theater restoration is finally set to kick off on the 100th anniversary of its opening, August 22.
It seems like a quick turnaround. Back in March, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham was saying that the [...]