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Housing-Income Mismatch on Display in New Census Data

The New York Times data mapping tool with new results from the American Community Survey is pure magic. One of the things it illustrates most clearly, though, is something that it didn't take wizardry to figure out: Incomes in D.C. aren't rising as quickly as rents or home values.
First, take a look at the map [...]

WSJ: D.C. Has the Jobs, Not So Much the Houses

Yesterday, we looked at rental conditions. Today, we have some stats on houses: the Wall Street Journal's quarterly survey of  urban areas finds that there's a lot of inventory around the country from foreclosures, and a lot of distressed borrowers who might lose their homes soon. Nationwide, that's depressing prices. But in D.C., things are [...]

New Home Sales Up 11 Percent in June

Another month, another round of housing numbers. Today's big news is that new home sales were up 11 percent nationally in June over the previous month's numbers. Let's keep thing in perspective though:
The good news:

"Sales of new homes in the United States posted their largest monthly gain in nearly eight years in June..." (The New [...]