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Exorbitant House of the Week, BET Edition

There are perks to being in charge of a major TV network. For one, you can afford a gorgeous house. And should you choose to sell that gorgeous house, you can bank, oh, somewhere around $4.7 million.
Take 2801 Rock Creek Drive NW, tucked behind the Omni Shoreham Hotel alongside Rock Creek Park. Until last week, [...]

Exorbitant House of the Week, Modern Edition

Some people want their homes, well, homey. Others prefer life-size glass-and-concrete sculptures, where every angle can slice diamonds and evidence of actual residence is frowned upon. If you fall into the latter category, have I got the home for you!
For $2.9 million, a 3,800-square-foot box of the finest materials can be yours. "Sophisticated minimalism" is [...]

Exorbitant House of the Week, Imelda Marcos Edition

Got $4,650,000 to spare, 200 pairs of shoes, and no place to put them? Then 4948 Lowell St. NW is for you.

As a kicker, the enormous shoe closet also comes with a six-bedroom, six-bath house. The Palisades dwelling boasts an enormous yard, a wine cellar, a two-to-four-car garage, and a gym.

Exorbitant House of the Week, Firehouse Edition

A house like this doesn't come along often. For $2.65 million, you can be the proud new owner of Engine House No. 7, aka 931 R St. NW. The firehouse—once the city's first all-black fire squad—closed in 1976 and was subsequently bought by harpsichord-making couple Thomas and Barbara Wolf, and later by neon sculptor Craig [...]

Exorbitant House of the Week, Fireplace Edition

For most of us, $2,245,000 might seem like a lot to spend on a house, even if it has six bedrooms, is located in tony Spring Valley, and looks like this:

But what if you consider the place from a cost-per-fireplace perspective? Then suddenly it doesn't look so outrageous. Let's count 'em:

Exorbitant House of the Week, Skybrary Edition

Ever worry that your book collection is lacking in altitude? Drop $2.4 million, and your problems are solved:

I'm not sure why this and the other photos of this fresh-on-the-market house look they've been run through Photoshop's colored pencil filter, but with a library like this, who cares? (Just make sure to stash away a few [...]

Exorbitant House of the Week, Future Edition

Upper Northwest D.C. has its share of $4 million houses. Rarer are $4 million houses that don't yet exist.
Enter 2939 49th St. NW. For $3,995,000, the lucky buyer gets a McMansionesque exterior and a customizable interior. Want six bedrooms or eight? A living room with a fireplace or without? It's up to you.
The house, with [...]

Exorbitant House of the Week, Treehouse Edition

It's every child's dream: a treehouse with a swimming pool, sauna, secret passageway, and lots of space to play. So expect some well-heeled kid to come along and drop $2,495,900 on this Palisades palace. It's a good bit more than the $1,640,300 the place was assessed at last year, and it tops the $2,080,000 it [...]

Exorbitant House of the Week, Silhouette Edition

Any silhouette lovers looking to shed a couple million bucks? Look no further—this six-bedroom Spring Valley house, listed for $2,295,000, has you covered.
There are silhouettes on the walls...

...and on the pillows (no word on whether they're included).