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Exorbitant House of the Week, $139 Million Edition

Seven waterfalls, a 30-car garage, and a private IMAX theater could be yours!

Exorbitant House of the Week, Future Embassy Edition

The NEMBYs won't like this one.
As I reported in my column last week, residents of the Kalorama neighborhood, north of Dupont Circle, have been pushing to prevent a certain type of neighbor from becoming more prevalent in their midst, rallying behind the cry: No Embassies in My Back Yard! Embassies—or, more specifically, chanceries, as opposed [...]

Exorbitant House of the Week, Gilded Edition

What does it take to sell a five-bedroom house for $4 million? It helps if everything's covered in gold.
Of course, the nine bathrooms at 2962 Chain Bridge Road NW in Palisades don't hurt, nor does the sauna or the wine cellar that no reasonable human could possibly fill. But it's the baroque touch that sets [...]

Exorbitant House of the Week, Garage Edition

"Do not get confused by addresses," warns the listing. "Record shows 1657 31st St. BUT it is way behind that address and is on the Alley off of Avon Place."
At $97,000, this week's exorbitant house is the most inexpensive one to date. Are the days of buying D.C. real estate for $100,000 back? Not quite; [...]

Exorbitant House of the Week, Elevator Edition

Ever find yourself climbing two flights of stairs to your house's top floor and thinking, "This isn't what I dropped three and a half million for?" The architect of this Cleveland Park home knows how you feel. Sure, it only has three stories plus a basement, but after a long day's work, sometimes you just [...]

Exorbitant House of the Week, Price Drop Edition

This house has nine bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 12,000 square feet, a swimming pool, an enormous kitchen, a shoe closet that could easily serve as a 10th bedroom—and a seeming inability to attract a buyer.
According to Zillow, since the house at 4400 Garfield St. NW went on the market in January 2011 for $8,995,000, it's had [...]

Exorbitant House of the Week, Bunker Edition

OK, this place isn't so much exorbitant as unusual. From the outside, the Palisades house—on the market for $875,000—looks like a good place to take cover in the event of nuclear war.

So much that on the inside, residents apparently make a habit of painting more normal-looking houses to which they dream of moving.

Exorbitant House of the Week, Secret Garden Edition

Times have changed since the days when the city's well-to-do found Logan Circle scary and kept their real estate dollars west of Rock Creek Park. Ten or 15 years ago, it would have been unthinkable for a compact two-bedroom Logan condo to cost more than a spacious four-bedroom Palisades house.
And what of a Logan Circle rowhouse [...]

Exorbitant House of the Week, $6 Million Rowhouse Edition

Sure, the dean of Georgetown development may have decamped for Logan Circle, saying that "the city's moved east," but when it comes to exorbitant real estate, Georgetown's still the place to beat. Where else would a townhouse be listed for just shy of $6 million?
Granted, it's a rather large townhouse, at 6,713 square feet and [...]

Exorbitant House of the Week, Kennedy Edition

For a four-bedroom house in Marshall, Va., $11 million (at more than $2,000 a square foot) sounds a little steep. That is, until you take into account the 166 acres it sits on, and its illustrious pedigree. Wexford, as it's known, was built by Jackie Kennedy in 1963 and served as the Kennedys' retreat, if only [...]