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Proposal for Hotel, Housing, and Dog Spa Wins City Backing for Mount Vernon Triangle Parcel

Mount Vernon Triangle residents, please welcome the latest planned addition to your crane-dotted neighborhood: a hotel, residences, and, if all goes according to plan, a dog spa.
The office of Mayor Vince Gray announced today that it has selected a proposal from the Peebles Corporation to develop a valuable parcel of city-owned land at the corner of [...]

With Marriott Marquis and Cambria Suites, D.C. Begins a Hotel Boom

After more than a decade of planning, D.C. finally has a new biggest hotel.
The Marriott Marquis opened its doors to the public at noon today. With 1,175 rooms, it's the largest hotel in the District. It's also the most anticipated, by far. Back when Mayor Marion Barry first pitched the idea of a new convention center [...]

D.C. Hotels Take a Hit During Shutdown

We know that the federal government shutdown has been unkind to D.C.'s economy, but most of the evidence so far has been anecdotal. Tourists have been spotted wandering the National Mall aimlessly in search of diversion in the absence of national monuments and museums to visit; surely, others are taking the hint and canceling their [...]

IBG Mulls Hotel for New York Avenue

IBG Partners is all done with a set of tall, stately apartment buildings on New York Avenue between 4th and 5th Street NW—and now they're thinking of putting a hotel next door.
It's far from a done deal, though. "We are studying a possible hotel project on the site but do not yet own the property [...]

With Shelters Over Capacity, City Housing 200 Families in Motels

During hypothermia season, which runs from November through March, the city is required by law to find shelter for homeless people. Last winter, that meant housing some of them in hotels, since family shelters didn't have enough room—as former City Paper staffer Jason Cherkis reported, around 70 were staying at the Comfort Inn on New York [...]

Small Hotel Could Become Bigger Hotel on New York Avenue NE

Since 1971, 501 New York Avenue NE has been occupied by a dumpy, 78-room Quality Inn. It fit the side-of-the-highway surroundings, and was also pretty much the only thing allowed by the zoning, which provides for low-density commercial and industrial uses.
Now, a new developer wants to make better use of the spot: Greenbelt-based Baywood Hotels [...]

Staycation: Why D.C. Has So Many New Hotels

Trying to find a place for Aunt Millie to stay in the District?
Good luck. Hotel occupancy and room rates in D.C. have trended up over the last year—prices averaged $206 per night in 2011—while no new hotels have opened. Business travel and tourism are on the rise again, after flatlining in 2008 and 2009, and [...]

The D.C. Government is Inflating the Hotel Market

A couple months ago, we looked at the District's hotel construction pipeline, and found thousands of rooms coming online in the next few years, even as jobs flatline and the rest of the commercial real estate market contracts. The question I should have asked is this: Who's financing all these hotels? Don't they see they're [...]