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What Does a ‘Luxury Home’ in D.C. Cost Now?

$2 million is the new $1 million.

Report: District Homeowners Pay Lowest Property Taxes in Immediate Area

The taxman isn't always so bad.

With Prices Tripling, Homeownership Tanks Among Low-Income Washingtonians

Marion Barry talked about boosting homeownership among the city's poor. The opposite has happened.

Why You Probably Can’t Afford to Buy a Home in D.C.

Spoiler: Because it's very, very expensive.

D.C.’s Divides Persist: The Mayoral Election in Graphs

Race, geography, and Muriel Bowser's vote count. In charts!

Barry: No More Renters in Ward 8!

Oh, Marion.
Despite all his talk about bringing economic development east of the river, Councilmember Marion Barry is planning to introduce legislation tomorrow that would actually forbid new apartment buildings in his ward. It's a very short bill, stating simply: "No District of Columbia government agency shall issue any permit for the construction of any apartment [...]

Realtors’ Plea: Please Keep Buying Houses!

As we've noted before, homeownership has taken a beating over the last year or so. The new case against the American Dream has basically two dimensions: One stems from the havoc wreaked by the collapse an federal-loan-fueled housing bubble. And another, advanced chiefly by creative classist Richard Florida, posits that owning real estate only drags [...]

Homeownership! Huh! What is it Good For?

So, along with National Candy Month, National Safety Month, and Perennial Garden Month, June is National Homeownership Month. The District is celebrating with, among other events, a Housing Expo and Foreclosure Clinic this Saturday at the Convention Center (featuring a to-be-announced D.C. United player!)
Homeownership, obviously, has taken a beating over the last couple of years. [...]