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Homeless Population at Motels Continues to Climb, at a Cost of Millions

It wasn't supposed to go this way. Not even close.

Motel Space for Homeless Families Is Near Capacity

D.C. has contracted 260 motel rooms for homeless families. In early January, 251 are already full.

Appeals Court Upholds Homeless Families’ Right to Private Shelter

The court rejected an appeal by the city, which argued that the homeless families couldn't bring the suit.

Over Dire Warnings from Gray, Council Approves Shelter Definition

Where's Noah Webster when you need him? The latest showdown between the D.C. Council and the administration of Mayor Vince Gray centers on a simple definition: the meaning of the term "private room."
Last winter, the matter headed to the courts, to decide whether the city's use of partitioned spaced in recreation centers conformed to the D.C. law requiring shelter [...]

D.C.’s First Supportive Housing for Homeless Veterans Breaks Ground

The building on North Capitol Street is expected to open in December 2015.

Shelter Skelter: Why Shuttering D.C. General Won’t Be Easy

The city finally has a plan to close the D.C. General homeless shelter. But it raises as many questions as it answers.

Should We Turn Street Sense Vendors Into Human Traffic Cameras?

That's what one writer says. Oy.

City Plan Would Close D.C. General as Early as Next Fall

Smaller homeless shelters would replace a troubled former hospital.

Human Services Chief: City Can Avoid Homeless Crisis, But Only With Persistent Effort

But even if the city finds homes for the occupants of D.C. General, the shelter will probably fill up again this winter.

City Expects 16 Percent Rise in Family Homelessness This Winter

Thought last winter was rough for homeless families? This one could be significantly worse.