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City’s Biggest Homeless Shelter to be Broken Up–Eventually

The city anticipates lots of foot traffic along Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE when the Coast Guard moves in and their restaurant pavilion is up and running. But right now, the primary signs of life on the speedway from Anacostia to Congress Heights—with a wall on one side and a fence on the other—are [...]

With Shelters Over Capacity, City Housing 200 Families in Motels

During hypothermia season, which runs from November through March, the city is required by law to find shelter for homeless people. Last winter, that meant housing some of them in hotels, since family shelters didn't have enough room—as former City Paper staffer Jason Cherkis reported, around 70 were staying at the Comfort Inn on New York [...]

District Homeless Shelters Already At Capacity

Over on City Desk, Jason Cherkis reports on an unsettling trend:
This is a bad sign. The weather is still pretty decent. But homeless shelters are at capacity or over capacity, according to recent census figures. On October 27, there were no vacancies for homeless men, and shelters for homeless women were over capacity [...]

Homeless Advocates, City Officials Bicker Over So, So Many Things…

What would Jon Stewart call this mess if he analyzed D.C. politics?  VagRANT 2009. NoMadness 2009. Shelter Skelter 2009.
The Washington Post is reporting today on various disputes that arose during yesterday's Human Services Committee hearing after the group's chair, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells claimed  that the D.C. government had quietly cut $20 million from [...]

Homeless Advocates Back in Court on Wednesday

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The Franklin School, located at 13th and K Streets NW
Earlier this year, lawyers George Rickman and Jane Zara alleged  in federal court that the Franklin Shelter closure was part of the systemic expulsion of homeless people from the city's center.
The judge granted them a "stay," thereby allowing them to temporarily postpone the case, [...]

A (Tiny) Bit of Good News for D.C.’s Homeless

This past year has been a rough one for Washington D.C.'s homeless population.   September 26 marked the one-year anniversary of the closure of downtown's Franklin Shelter, and as the city's homeless get swept from the center of the District, they're not exactly being embraced by the neighborhoods.
But! There's good news for a handful of people, [...]