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Here’s How Home Prices Have Changed in D.C.’s Neighborhoods

Spoiler: Owning a home in D.C. hasn't gotten any cheaper.

D.C. Home Prices Jump at the Top and Bottom

So D.C.'s rental market is sharply divided, with plenty of apartments for well-paid professionals without families but few for residents of more modest means. But what about its home sale market? Here, the answer's a bit more complicated.
Home prices in the D.C. area have gone up across the board in the past five years, but [...]

Census Crunching: Home Prices

Welcome to the slowest news week of the year, in which I will do a lot of recapping, reviewing, and emptying out my notebooks from the last nine months. One thing we now have time to do is play with the American Community Survey data, which NeighborhoodInfo DC has broken out into every denomination an [...]

Home Prices Nudge Up for the Third Month in a Row

Dallas: The city the housing crisis skipped over.
Home prices have increased, nationally, on a month-to-month basis for the third month in a row, according to the July Case-Shiller home price index released today.
In our area, home prices rose 1.8 percent in  from June to July—so we're faring a bit better than the national average of [...]

Washingtonians Feeling More Confident About Housing Market

Fewer Washingtonians are willing to lower their home asking prices, according to a new report out by Trulia on Friday. The amount of price reductions has dipped 17 percent in the region's housing market, comparing June 2009 to August 2009 numbers.
Here are some other cities experiencing the trend:

Dallas, TX – 42% fewer price reductions
 Las Vegas, NV [...]

Reasons to Pity Your Landlord…

Standing on the edge of the Pacific last week, overlooking gorgeous cliff bluffs protruding into the ocean, I found myself discussing a subject I vowed to leave in DC during my vacation: The high cost of living in Washington.
Specifically, I was referring to rental costs. Sure, it could be worse. I've never had to erect [...]

House Prices Up a Tiny Bit in D.C. (and Eight Other Cities)

Remember 2003: The invasion of Iraq? Martha Stewart's indictment? Arnold Schwarzenegger's election? Beyonce and Jay-Z's "Crazy In Love?"
It feels like a while back, and yet, not so terribly long ago.
Well if 2003 reminds you of the year you went house-hunting, then 2009 should feel vaguely reminiscent. According to an analysis out today by [...]

Home Prices Fall, But Rate of Decline’s Lessening

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Washington D.C. Area Posts Record Monthly Home Price Decline

The latest home price data, examining October 2008 numbers, is out: Washington D.C., along with five metropolitan areas—Atlanta, Charlotte, Detroit, Minneapolis, and Tampa—posted their largest monthly declines ever. The steepest year-to-year decreases were in Phoenix (down 32.7%), Las Vegas (down 31.7%), San Francisco (down 31.0%), and Miami (down 29.0%), according economic research firm IHS Global Insight.