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New Firetrucks Don’t Fit in Old Firehouses. Why Can’t We Widen The Doors?

The Cleveland Park firehouse's too-narrow doors.

Fairly or not, historic preservation often gets pitted against other priorities: Energy efficiency, for example, and economic development. Lately, though, it's the ability to put out fires.
The problem is, federal environmental regulations passed in 2010 require certain bells and whistles—no, not literally—on the sides of fire engines, which makes them [...]

Five More Historic Preservation Review Board Nominees

Sorry for the trickling out of Historic Preservation Review Board news this week; it just came all at once. On Friday, the Mayor sent five more nominees to the Council:

Joseph Taylor, a sitting member.
Bob Sonderman, another sitting member.
Gretchen Pfaehler, head of the historic preservation practice at the engineering and consulting firm Michael Baker Corporation.
D. Graham Davidson, [...]

Smart Growthy Nominee for Historic Preservation Review Board

With the city running into trouble with the feds for leaving seats open too long, the Historic Preservation Review Board nominations are flowing again. This time, with a familiar face: Andrew Aurbach, who served on the board as an historian from 2007 to 2009, and still serves on its sustainability committee. According to his resume [...]

Nancy Metzger and Historic Preservation’s Public Relations Problem

At last week's confirmation hearing for Historic Preservation Review Board nominees, preservation groups and hyperlocal elected officials—even the board's former chairman, Tersh Boasberg—lined up to support the appointment of Nancy Metzger, who's been the Capitol Hill Restoration Society's point person on preservation for 16 years now. She's a fierce advocate for historic districts around the [...]

Failed Historic Preservation Review Board Nominations Endanger the Whole Shebang

Back in November, we heard that Mayor Vince Gray had finally nominated two people to stick around past their already-expired terms on the Historic Preservation Review Board and two more to fill pending vacancies. It was a relief, given that only two members of the nine-person board haven't had their terms expire.
Well, turns out two [...]

All-New Historic Preservation Review Board Nominees, Same As the Old Ones

Way back in April, I received word that Mayor Vince Gray had picked his nominees for the Historic Preservation Review Board. And then...nothing. No official nominations, to the tremendous frustration of the historic preservation community, as all but two of the board members' terms expired, and board meetings sometimes even went without a quorum. I [...]

A Tale of Two Razes: Preservation Office Lets the District Slide

The Historic Preservation Office has had to deal with some gnarly demolition-by-neglect cases recently. In deciding whether to grant a landlord's request to take down their decrepit building, staff have to weigh how much historical integrity the structure retains, how egregiously the owner has allowed it to deteriorate, and whether it would be possible to [...]

City Preservation Staff: Car Barn on Walmart Site Not a Landmark

Well, Walmart and Foulger Pratt can breathe a sigh of relief: Staff at the city's Historic Preservation Office have recommended that the Historic Preservation Review Board not designate the old streetcar car storage barn at Georgia and Missouri Avenues NW as a landmark, after activists nominated the structure in a last-ditch attempt to kill plans [...]

The Future of the Past

Every five years, D.C.’s Historic Preservation Office has to come up with a plan for the next five. A couple weeks ago, with another deadline looming, the staff called a public meeting to figure out what to do next.
This gathering, like many chitchats about safeguarding old buildings, was heavy on activists whose own ages also [...]

11th-Hour Landmark Application Could Throw a Wrench in Walmart’s Plans

In a classic last-ditch anti-development tactic, the "Brightwood Neighborhood Preservation Association," headed by Ward 4 Thrives member Verna Collins, has submitted a landmark application for the Car Barn that now sits on the site of the Walmart planned for upper Georgia Avenue. The D.C. Preservation League had previously gone to bat for the century-old brick [...]