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Public Housing Residents Told to Just Say No

Several months ago, I wrote about discomfort at Ward 8’s Highland Dwellings public housing complex over a phased relocation and renovation accelerated by the federal government’s stimulus timetable. Time for some follow up. By now, the first phase and half of the second couple of phases have been relocated, and construction is scheduled to start [...]

Housing Authority Director Chats with Highland Dweller

A couple weeks ago, we looked at all the confusion surrounding renovations at Highland Dwellings, a public housing project near the Maryland border in Ward 8. Yesterday, WPFW's Pete Tucker aired a conversation between D.C. Housing Authority interim director Adrianne Todman and Schyla Pondexter-Moore, a skeptical resident. I've transcribed chunks of the conversation that illustrate [...]

Overstimulated: Federal funds mean things are moving fast at Highland Dwellings.

On a Friday evening in late July, a small group of residents gathered around a white sheet taped to the side of Ferebee-Hope Elementary School in Washington Highlands, straining to hear the faint soundtrack of a film projected from a laptop. The audience’s intense concentration didn’t just come from the low volume, however. The balmy [...]