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Mr. Georgetown Moves to Logan Circle: “The City’s Moved East”

Here's a sign of the times if there ever was one: Herb Miller, a 50-year Georgetown resident and the man responsible for developing much of the neighborhood, has packed up and moved to Logan Circle. His reason: "The city's moved east."
"There was a local grocery store and cleaners and hardware stores," says Miller of his [...]

Buy Part of This Bar/Coffeeshop/Restaurant/Hardware Store

On Friday evening, in a gutted building at 1351 H St. NE, Washington witnessed the beginning of a real estate revolution.
Or at least, that's what the Miller brothers are telling people.
"Real estate is broken," declared Ben Miller, standing in front of a projector screen, just missing the black turtleneck and wire-framed glasses that would have [...]

Crackdown or Compassion? Herb Miller Suggests Both for Gallery Place Crime

Over the past few years, as 7th Street downtown has become a hot late-night hangout, businesses and landlords have started getting antsy about rowdy youth—to the point where, last fall, Gallery Place developer Herb Miller installed a "mosquito" device at the Chinatown Metro entrance that made high-pitched noises to disperse the kids. Then, last summer, [...]

Georgetown Wants More Help From the City: Really?

Every couple of months, I go to some event where Georgetowners agonize about how nobody likes their neighborhood anymore—commercial corridors around the city are attracting the exciting new retail and restaurants, throwing them into an identity crisis. That was supposed to be resolved by a new branding campaign, but the fretting continues.
Last month, it was [...]

Defining the Living Downtown: Can We Have Both Residents and Glitz?

Over the last couple of decades, the District has tried very hard to get people to move downtown, mostly through zoning and density bonuses for residential development. It's worked: The four Census tracts that make up the downtown core have grown between 61.5 and 92.5 percent since 2000 (granted, there are still only a few [...]

Miller Time!

On a clear, late summer evening on H Street NE, the sun lances down the street, turning newly-laid streetcar tracks into rivulets of gold. Young professionals scuttle along, hauling backpacks and briefcases. But Ben and Dan Miller, along with their colleague Brandon Jenkins, saunter. The lanky trio is here to survey their domain, not make [...]

Northwest Current: Herb Miller Out, Vornado In at Georgetown Park

The hard-to-read-online Northwest Current has a bit of a bomb this week: Western Development's Herb Miller, who developed the Shops at Georgetown Park back in the 1980s and apparently was going to team with new owner Angelo, Gordon & Co. to reposition the property after Western defaulted on its loan, has been pushed out of [...]

Herb Miller, Developer of Gallery Place, on Abe Pollin

Here's Herb Miller, 66, CEO of Western Development, on Abe Pollin's passing:
I was 11 years old, over 50 years ago, when I first met Abe. He built Temple Emanuel in Kensington, where my father was the second president. He was just a mid-size developer then. So, I always had great respect for him, since I [...]