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Holmes Norton Says She’s Torn on the Height Act

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton wasn't happy at my impatience over her statement last week that her "support for the Height Act is as strong as ever." We were talking about something else, and she launched into an explanation.
"The fact is it is true that what distinguishes a city is its scale. The scale has a [...]

MIT Thesis on Height Limits Backs Strategic Boosting

Where heights could increase.

One of the things that's been missing in this whole renewed round of chatter about the District's height limit has been data—or really any rigorous analysis of the available options. Turns out that back in 2009, a graduate student named Andrew Trueblood put something like that together for his Masters thesis [...]

How Important Is It That Darrell Issa Is Talking Sense on Height Limits?

Tim Craig reports this morning that Republican House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa is chill with the District's desire to add a few more floors to tall buildings here and there:
“The city is just as concerned, and city leaders and community folks are just as concerned, about not raising the height limits [...]

How to Increase Height Limits? Ask Austin.

On the radio with Kojo Nnamdi yesterday, Brookings scholar and developer Chris Leinberger and Post architecture critic Roger Lewis went over the whys and hows of increasing height limits in D.C. Of course, it's all still very hypothetical, and I'm really, really trying to talk less about it.
But the thing is, raising height limits responsibly [...]

On Height Limits, It’s Time For a Plan

Mayor Vince Gray's mention of his support for raising height limits east of the Anacostia seems to have touched a nerve: Even NewsChannel8 got interested in the subject (yeah yeah, my quote's nonsensical and they repeat the myth that building height limits were instituted to preserve monumental views, but it's T.V.).
The depressing thing: The city's [...]

The View That Ruined Everything

If you're at all interested in D.C. architecture history and haven't been into the Cairo before, find out when the next open house is, visit the unit for sale, and then go up to the roof deck. This 164-foot-in-the-air view, of course, is what prompted Congress to slap height limits on the city:
More after the [...]

Next At-Large Councilmember Will Favor Raising Height Limits

Last night's At-Large Council debate at the Black Cat was full of raucous fun, featuring hardballs thrown both by generations of Loose Lipses and the candidates themselves. In the "support/don't support" section at the end, co-moderator Tom Sherwood got in a question about a subject close to Housing Complex's heart: If the feds went along [...]

Say What About the Height Limit?

On Friday, Vince Gray continued his march into the world of modern communications with a live chat over at the Washington Post, which is supposed to become a regular thing. At the very end, some blessed soul asked:
Are there any plans to raise building heights to capture a larger tax base and to take [...]

Should Money Buy You Height?

Economics blogger Ryan Avent has a modest proposal for D.C.: In order to allow for more capacity in areas where there's demand for it, impose a one-time "floor tax" on all stories that a developer would like to build over the existing height limit. He's on the fence about whether to charge different rates in [...]

Tall Buildings and Gentrification

Over at Market Urbanism, Stephen Smith responded to my Height Act story, taking particular interest in our little map suggesting places where it would be most advantageous to allow taller buildings. Smith notices that I didn't include many places in wealthy Northwest neighborhoods, and argues that this is the kind of policy that would hasten [...]