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Issa Offers Hope for D.C. Autonomy on Building Heights

A congressional hearing on the Height Act this morning held out the prospect of greater local autonomy on building height limits, just two weeks after hopes for such a change were dampened by a report from the National Capital Planning Commission recommending no substantial alterations to the 1910 law.
Rep. Darrell Issa, the conservative California Republican [...]

D.C., NCPC Considered Pilot Program for Taller Buildings on K Street

A congressional committee will gather this morning to debate the future of D.C.'s skyline. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has been presented with two recommendations for revising the 1910 Height Act: one from the National Capital Planning Commission that would leave the law largely intact, and one from the D.C. Office of Planning that [...]

Congress Will Take Up Height Act on Dec. 2

The congressional committee with oversight of the District will hold a hearing on Dec. 2 to discuss the future of the Height Act, two weeks after the D.C. government and the National Capital Planning Commission submitted to Congress two competing sets of recommendations for changes to the 1910 law that caps D.C.'s building heights.
The hearing [...]

D.C. to Congress: Give Us Some Control Over Building Heights

The D.C. government formally submitted its recommendations for changes to the Height Act to Congress today, standing firm on its earlier stance that the city should be given a degree of control over its building heights. The move comes a day after the National Capital Planning Commission rejected any many changes to the 1910 law, [...]

NCPC Votes to Send Watered-Down Height Act Recommendation to Congress

Just two days after releasing revised recommendations for changes to the Height Act that would have opened the window to future changes to D.C.'s building height limits, the National Capital Planning Commission voted to strip the proposal of its only meaningful alteration to the 1910 law and send a watered-down recommendation to Congress.
Commissioner Peter May, representing [...]

Marion Barry Is the Only Councilmember Who Supports Changes to the Height Act

This morning, D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson introduced symbolic legislation opposing any changes to the Height Act—including the proposed change that would give the D.C. Council some say on future building heights. All but one of his colleagues signed on as co-introducers of the bill. The lone holdout: Marion Barry.
Now, the Ward 8 councilmember has issued a [...]

Congress Likely to Consider Height Act Changes Next Month

After a year of extensive study of the Height Act and public debate over the details of any potential changes, the process to amend the 1910 federal law could start moving very quickly.
Slightly more than a year ago, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) requested a joint study by the National Capital Planning Commission and the D.C. Office [...]

The D.C. Council Has Lost Its Mind on the Height Act

Presented with the opportunity to take a small degree of control over D.C.'s skyline from Congress, the D.C. Council this morning overwhelmingly offered the equivalent of "no, thanks."
Later today, the National Capital Planning Commission will vote on whether to approve and send to Congress a proposal to alter the 1910 Height of Buildings Act, which [...]

We’re Close to a Height Act Compromise

The two proposals for modifications of the Height Act don't appear to have much in common. The Office of Planning proposal would raise height limits within the historic L'Enfant City and free D.C. from congressional control over building heights outside of it. The National Capital Planning Commission proposal would retain the Height Act's 1910 limits citywide, [...]

The Vastly Improved NCPC Height Act Report Is Still Cynical, Illogical, and Self-Serving

From the District's perspective, the National Capital Planning Commission's final recommendations for changes to the Height Act represent a marked improvement over the commission's September draft recommendations. The earlier version was essentially a rejection of any alteration of the 1910 federal law that sets height limits for D.C.'s buildings, other than a small change to [...]