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The Former Head of D.C.’s Planning Office Opposes the Office’s New Rowhouse Zoning Plan

A plan to restrict pop-ups and condo conversions would constrain the city's supply of affordable housing, writes Harriet Tregoning.

Office of Planning Neuters Zoning Update, and Then Some

Last summer, smart-growth advocates were horrified—and car defenders delighted—to learn that the Office of Planning had decided to scale back its plans that would have allowed developers to construct fewer off-street parking spaces near high-capacity transit lines. As part of an update to the city's 1958 zoning code, the office, led then by Harriet Tregoning, had proposed eliminating parking [...]

Harriet Tregoning Reflects on “Nerdy, But So Gratifying” D.C. Planning Work

Harriet Tregoning recently took her husband to the corner of 10th and I streets NW for a good time. It might not have been everyone's idea of fun, but Tregoning and her husband are both planners—she leads D.C.'s Office of Planning; he heads Smart Growth America—and she got a thrill from a humble street corner, [...]

Tregoning Steps Down as Planning Director to Join Federal Government

D.C. Planning Director Harriet Tregoning is leaving the city government to work for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the office of Mayor Vince Gray confirms.
Tregoning's departure, first reported by DCist, comes as she nears the end of her second four-year term at the helm of the Office of Planning. Tregoning joined the administration of [...]

Mendelson Explains Opposition to Height Act Autonomy: “Citizens Don’t Trust the Government”

In a wide-ranging discussion of potential changes to the Height Act this morning, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) had plenty of criticism to dispense, with targets ranging from "butt-ugly" 1960s architecture to the annoying air-conditioning unit on his roof that prevents him from peacefully enjoying views of the city's skyline. But he saved his biggest dose of incredulity [...]

Charge of the Height Brigade

Last Wednesday, nearly two hours into the second marathon public hearing of the week on D.C. building-height limits, an 83-year-old D.C. resident named Bill Haskett stepped up to the microphone and delivered the sagest line of the contentious process.
“Anything older than I am,” Haskett told the full house at the National Capital Planning Commission, “should [...]

A Dance Party in Protest of Harriet Tregoning

Yes, you read that right. This afternoon, a coalition of groups and individuals opposed to the zoning, Height Act, and other changes proposed by the Office of Planning and its director, Harriet Tregoning, are staging a catch-all dance-party protest.
"Has D.C.'s Office of Planning pissed you off and screwed over your community?" a group called DC for [...]

The Main Arguments Against Changing the Height Act, and Why They’re Wrong

Opponents of the city's proposed changes to Congress' 103-year-old Height of Buildings Act came out in full force to a D.C. Council hearing yesterday to lay out their arguments for preserving the law that caps the verticality of D.C.'s skyline. Their points were manifold, and often intelligently thought out and presented. But there were a [...]

Height Act Changes Get Slammed at Council Hearing

D.C. Planning Director Harriet Tregoning paid a five-hour visit to the D.C. Council today to lay out the rationale for the major changes to the Height Act her office has suggested—and to bear witness to overwhelming opposition to her proposal from the members of the public who testified at the hearing.
Tregoning pointed to the city's current and [...]

Tregoning: Parking Minimum Elimination Was “Really Wigging People Out”

Public opposition led the Office of Planning to change course and scrap its plans to eliminate parking minimums in transit zones as part of its rewrite of the city's 55-year-old zoning code.
"We listened, and people were really concerned about it," says Office of Planning Director Harriet Tregoning. "The absolute no required parking was really wigging [...]